Fleet Services Newsletter, February 2017

Fleet Services Newsletter

February 2017

Five States with Strictest Safety Laws

Of the 50 states, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, Delaware and Rhode Island surpass all of the other states when it comes to making roads safer through strict traffic laws. Every year the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety release an annual report rating each state regarding the adoption of specified traffic safety laws. Some of these laws include seat belt enforcement, ignition interlock devices for all DUI offenders, and texting restrictions. While those five states received a “green” rating, 28 other states received “yellow” and seventeen received “red”. The “red” rating indicates they are dangerously behind in adoption of the recommended laws. This is also where our state of Iowa lies. According to the study, below are some the highway safety laws that need to be in effect for Iowa to get out of the red zone.

  • Primary enforcement seat belt law (Rear)
  • All-rider motorcycle helmet law
  • Booster seat law up to Age 8 and 57 inches
  • Graduated Driver Licensing- Minimum age 16 for learner’s permit
  • Ignition Interlock law for all DUI offenders

Where do other states rank?

Spring Break Reservations

With spring break quickly approaching, we want to remind you again to get your requisitions in as soon as possible. Spring break is one of our busier times and our vehicles are booking up fast! For any departments having student drivers, please send in those interdepartmental requisitions and driver participant forms to get them registered for the online driving training and the trailer training if a trailer will be used during the trip. Do not wait until the last minute for this. Waiting subjects you to system and staff availability. The ARI training website is not always reliable and working properly and the driving training must be completed before a student can drive and most trips require several drivers. We don’t want a trip to get canceled because of a lack of drivers or uncompleted training.

Spring Break Hours

During spring break, our usual business hours will be in effect. However, be closed Saturday, March 18th and 25th. If you need a vehicle for those weekends, please make your reservation for the Friday before with a pickup time of 4pm or later.

Deb’s Safety Corner: Are You Ready to Commit?

Do you have a phobia of commitment? Commitment means different things to different people but, in this case, it means committing to safe driving. Promote compliance with traffic laws to your co-workers. Eliminate distracted driving, promote seat belt use, and prohibit aggressive driving. Encourage and reinforce good driving habits and don’t be afraid to say, “Have a safe day” to your drivers when they head out each morning.

Watch Out for That Pothole!

All over the United States, the streets typically consist of more potholes than actual street, but have you ever thought about the damage those annoying holes can cause? AAA has come up with several ways to help protect your vehicle from damage. They recommend inspecting the tires and making sure they are inflated properly and have enough tread. Inspect the suspension and make sure the parts are in good condition. While driving, make sure to keep a look out for potholes and surrounding traffic when trying to avoid them. Also, be aware of puddles; they can disguise deep potholes. Keep these recommendations in mind to avoid the costly repairs that can damage the vehicle parts shown in the image below. Read more about the impact of potholes on your vehicle

Common car repairs due to poor road quality

Fleet Services Factoid

According to the Washington Post, American drivers bought more new cars and trucks in 2016 than they did any other year. About 17.5 million light vehicles were sold around the United States last year.

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