Fleet Services Newsletter, January 2016

Fleet Services Newsletter

January 2016

Risk Management Driver’s License Review Information

Risk Management has recently published a document called the Fleet Safety Driver’s License Review Step by Step Guidelines.  This document discusses how to get potential drivers registered, what information you need from their driver’s license, what the results of the driver’s license review mean and what you should do monthly to maintain your departmental list of drivers.  This document is a very valuable resource.  It would make a good discussion item at your next staff or departmental meeting.  Please call Risk Management at (319) 335-0010 with any questions.

Pull-In or Back-In Parking, Which is Safer?

What is the safest way to park in a parking space?  According to a study by AAA it is safer to back into a parking space or pull-through a parking space (so you are facing out) than it is to pull into a parking space.   The safety concern comes about when leaving the space.  Pulling forward is much safer than trying to back into active traffic and areas where there are pedestrians. 

Do You Like That Check Engine Light?

One easy way to set off a check engine light (CEL) is to leave your vehicle running while you are fueling.  When the engine is running, the vehicle’s computer expects there to be a certain pressure in the gas tank.  If you are fueling the vehicle, and the fuel cap is off, the fuel system is not able to maintain the expected pressure and so the CEL goes on.  If you are like me and that light annoys the begeebers out of you, then make sure your engine is off when fueling.  Additionally, there is a fire risk from igniting the fuel vapors coming from the fuel nozzle when your engine is running.  It’s just a bad idea all-around!

Pool Time??

Did you know… Parking and Transportation sponsors an Employee Van Pool Program?  Groups of University employees with similar work schedules and who live in the same vicinity share a ride to and from work in a University-owned van.  One person volunteers to drive while the others pay a fee to cover operating expenses.  Currently there are 65 vans with 650 employees in the program.  If you are interested in joining or want more information, call Commuter Programs at (319) 353-5770.

If We Lease a Vehicle From Fleet Services What Does the Rate Cover?

Did you know that if you lease a vehicle from Fleet Services we pay for EVERYTHING except for fuel?  We cover roadside assistance, maintenance, repairs, insurance (and the deductible).  Does a long-term lease make sense for you?  Here is a quick way to check:  Total up how much your department is spending each month on reimbursing your drivers.  Don’t forget to calculate the administrative cost of processing the reimbursements.  Compare that to our rates at Fleet Services plus expected cost of fuel.   Call Mike to get more details.

2016 Safest Cars as Rated by the IIHS

Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash tests vehicles and then ranks those that are safest.  The best vehicles are rated either a Top Safety Pick or a Top Safety Pick Plus.  The difference is the rating they get on front crash prevention.  View this year’s listing from IIHS as well as the winners of past years.

Speaking of Dashboard Lights

In the paradise of your dashboard, there is a light that lets the driver know when the vehicle is getting low on fuel.  Please don’t rely on the light as we’ve had a couple of incidents this month where we have had to send our mechanics on a service call for vehicles that have run out of fuel.  A good rule of thumb is to fill the tank when the gauge drops below ¼ tank.  I know it is cold standing at the fuel island, but you can do it!!

Fleet Services Factoid

The cut-off to order 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrids was 1/5/16.  5 days into the year!!

Fleet Services Info

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