Fleet Services Newsletter, July 2019

Fleet Services Newsletter

July 2019

FY 20 Rates Are Posted

The FY 20 vehicle rental and class-based lease rates are posted on our website.  View FY 20 rates

Weekend Hours / Delayed Dispatch

Fleet Services will no longer have Saturday hours starting this Fall Semester. As a result, any vehicles that will not be used until the weekend will need to be picked up the Friday or last business day of the week. We can delay your charges to the actual start date of your trip if you schedule your pick-up after 5 pm on that last business day. Please note your trip start date and time in the reservation comments.

WEX Fuel Card Tutorial

We have added a new video tutorial to our website that details the refueling process using a vehicle’s supplied Wright Express fuel card. The tutorial is a great way to train new employees or refresh anyone who has not used one in a while. View all University vehicle tutorials. Let us know if you have any ideas for future Fleet Services tutorial videos.

Fleet Services Customer Service Survey

Fleet Services is conducting a customer service survey and we are looking for feedback. Many of our customers and users of our services do not have direct contact with our office, so we wanted to reach out to those customers and give them an opportunity to let us know how we are doing. Whether you submit requisitions for vehicle rentals, are a user of our daily rental vehicles, or use a vehicle assigned to your department, we want to hear from you. Information will be collected anonymously. Take the Fleet Services Customer Service Survey. Feel free to share the survey link with anyone else you feel can offer us feedback.

2020 Chevrolet Suburban Short Model Year

Chevrolet is in the process of updating the platform for its large SUVs, as a result 2020 will be an unusually short model year. If you are looking to lease or switch to a large SUV we will need to know by the end of August. After that we will not be able to order additional Suburbans until late summer of 2020 and they will not be delivered until winter of 2020. Contact Mike as soon as possible if you have questions about such an order.

Joe’s Hot Tips

Parallel parking can often seem like a daunting challenge but with the right technique it is really quite simple.

  1. Pull alongside the car ahead of the spot you want and align your rear tires with that car’s bumper.
  2. Turn your wheel toward the curb as far as it will go.
  3. Back up until the center of your inside rear tire aligns with the street side edge of that forward car. Straighten the wheel and keep backing up.
  4. When your outside tire aligns with that same edge, turn your wheel.

Hypothetically, your car should slide right into the spot and you can christen yourself a certifiable master of parallel parking. (Via Mental Floss)

Honest Mike’s Used Cars

We have just posted some new vehicles for sale and more will be posted soon. We currently have a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan with just under 84,000 miles, a beautiful white 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan with 54,000 miles, a 2014 Ford Econoline E-350 15 passenger van in black with just over 76,000 miles, and a 2010 Ford Ranger XLT 4-door SuperCab with just over 33,000 miles!

We also have a 2016 Polaris GEM neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) listed for sale. The GEM will go up to 25 MPH and is street legal in Iowa on roads with a posted limit of 35 MPH or less. Check back frequently to see what vehicles we have posted for sale.

Fleet Factoid

According to Ulmer’s Auto Care Center the average car is made up of 30,000 parts. It’s no wonder that the automotive repair profession has become so much more complex and technical. It’s a good thing Fleet Services employs mechanics who really know what they are doing!

Fleet Services Info

Manager:  Mike Wilson

Phone:  (319) 384-0564

Fax:  (319) 335-5865

Hours:  7:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.  Monday-Friday 

Shop Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Monday-Friday

Shop Phone:  (319) 335-5105

Fueling Hours:  24 hours/ 7 days a week

E-mail:  Fleet-Services@uiowa.edu

Web Site:  http://transportation.uiowa.edu/university-vehicles