Fleet Services Newsletter, October 2015

Fleet Services Newsletter

October 2015

Do You Want To End the Lease on an Assigned Vehicle?

It may be possible to end the lease of your vehicle before the end of its life if we can transfer your vehicle to another customer.  To discuss this opportunity, I need to hear from you ASAP.  I begin ordering new vehicles in November so I need to make any lease changes before new vehicles are ordered.  If you wish to discuss your vehicle lease, please call Mike at (319) 384-0564.

Not Enough Pressure?

We are entering into the time of year when there is a nip in the air.  Due to physics, (Boyles law, I believe) the colder temperatures are causing the volume of air in tires to decrease.  As the volume decreases, so does the air pressure in the tire and that causes your tire pressure light to go on (it looks like an exclamation point).  If the tire pressure light is on, fill the tire to the correct pressure and drive a couple of miles.  That should reset the light.  If the light goes on again in the next several days then bring it in to the shop because you may have a slow leak.  Remember, the air pressure setting is on a sticker inside the driver’s door or in the owner’s manual.  DO NOT USE THE TIRE PRESSURE PRINTED ON THE TIRE!

Save Some Money!!

We are open on Saturdays from 8am until 11am.  So if you are leaving over the weekend or before we open on Monday, make sure you schedule your pick-up for Saturday.  That way we don’t start the charges until you actually leave.  If you pick up on Friday and don’t leave until Sunday, your charges start on Friday.

We are not open on Saturdays during the summer, holiday weekends and when there are no classes on either the Friday before or the Monday after that Saturday.

Re-Design of Fleet Services Requisition

We are in the process now of re-designing our Fleet Services Requisition.  If you have any changes to our requisition that you would like to see, please send me an email at micheal-g-wilson@uiowa.edu .  Here are a couple of changes that we have planned:  ability to list more people as contacts, change reservation information on your own without contacting Fleet Services, better search functionality, and adding reservation number fields to the I-PASS and GPS devices and many others.  One major change will be that be all driver’s licenses will be checked through the Risk Management Driver’s License review system before the requisition bill be allowed to proceed.  If the driver does not have a current review, the driver will not be able to be added to the requisition.  So, PLEASE GET ALL OF YOUR DRIVERS ADDED TO THE RISK MANAGEMENT DRIVER’S LICENSE REVIEW SYSTEM.   

FY 16 Rate Update

On Monday, November 2, we will be adjusting the Mid-Size Sedan rate to $30 per day and $0.12 per mile.  This is a reduction of $5 per day and $0.01 per mile.

Vehicle Replacement Letters Have Been Sent

If your vehicle is due for replacement in FY 2016, you have or will soon receive a letter outlining your options.  Basically, you can return the vehicle and end your lease, replace with the same type of vehicle or request a new type of vehicle.  Those forms are due back to us by Friday, November 20.  If you have any questions after getting the form please let us know.

 If you would like to get an additional vehicle for your department, please give us a call and we can discuss the options.  

Fleet Services Factoid

Justin Reeve recently joined our staff as an Administrative Services Coordinator.  Justin came to us from Enterprise and was previously a student employee at Fleet Services.  Welcome back Kotter Justin!!

Fleet Services Info

Manager:  Mike Wilson

Phone:  (319) 384-0564

Fax:  (319) 335-5865

Hours:  7:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.  Monday-Friday 

Fall and Spring only: 8:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday

Shop Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Monday-Friday

Shop Phone:  (319) 335-5102

Fueling Hours:  24 hours/ 7 days a week

E-mail:  Fleet-Services@uiowa.edu

Web Site:  http://transportation.uiowa.edu/university-vehicles