Graduate Student Parking Options, Aspire

Graduate Student Parking Options

If you are a graduate student and live in Aspire at West Campus, we offer the following options:

Registration: All cars used on campus by students must be registered with University of Iowa Parking and Transportation.

Student Parking Rates

Order Parking Permits and Bus Passes

Campus Parking Options

Storage Permits

Aspire Resident Parking:  Parking for residents of the Aspire apartments is provided by University Housing and Dining in lots adjacent to the Aspire apartments.  Contact their offices at (319) 774-2511.  Resident parking does not fulfill the Regents vehicle registration requirement.

Accessible Parking

Qualified students with disabilities may be eligible for other parking arrangements.  For information, call the Parking Services Office at (319) 335-1475.

After-Hours Permits

Student Night Permit: Free to students registered for classes at the University. The Night Permit fulfills the Regent’s vehicle registration requirement and provides the student rate discount for hourly parking in University public cashiered facilities if used appropriately on nights and weekends.

Student Night Permit use: To engage the student discount

Always show your permit to the cashier upon exiting

Always enter a University cashiered facility after 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, and leave no later than 8:30 a.m. the next morning.

Or enter after 4:30 p.m. Friday and leave no later than 8:30 a.m. the next Monday morning.

Parking at any time outside those hours (entering prior to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and/or exiting after 8:30 a.m. Monday-Friday) will nullify the student rate discount.  All hours for that transaction, including those within the limits will be charged at the higher standard public rate.

Student NW Permit:  The Student Night and Weekend (NW) Permit is a for-fee permit that provides access to a wide range of UI cashiered facilities between 4:30 pm and 8:30 am Monday-Friday, and from 4:30 pm Friday through 8:30 am Monday at no extra charge. You are required to have been issued a Student NW parking permit and to use a UI issued parking access card for all entries and exits.  For details go to Student Night and Weekend Permit

Motorcycle Parking          

A student Motorcycle Parking permit provides access to more than 35 motorcycle permit lots across campus.  Students can be issued a University Motorcycle permit and one of the other student parking permits.

The City of Iowa City also provides motorcycle and moped parking, but requires a City of Iowa City permit. 

University and Iowa City motorcycle permits are not interchangeable; i.e. a University motorcycle permit is not valid in a city lot and vice versa.

Multiple Permits and Passes

Students may not combine or hold more than one of the following student parking permits; Day, Hancher, Finkbine, Hawkeye, Mayflower, Parklawn, Night or NW.  Students can hold any of these permits with a Motorcycle Permit.

Students may combine any of the following with a discounted transit U-PASS: Student Night, Student NW, Aspire Resident Permit or Motorcycle Permit. The discounted transit U-PASS is not available with any of the other student parking permits. 

Public Parking options

UI Cashiered Facilities; Students with any UI parking permit may park in the University’s public cashiered structures or lots (except the Library Lot which requires a Student Day permit) and pay the University’s standard hourly rate or graduated hourly rate when exiting. UI Cashiered facilities include the following:

Dental Patients and Visitor’s Lot

Field House Lot

Hospital Ramp 1

Hospital Ramp 2

Hospital Ramp 3

Hospital Ramp 4

IMU Ramp

Lot 13

Lot 14

Newton Road Ramp

North Campus Ramp

Recreation Center Lot

City of Iowa City Cashiered Facilities: Students may park in any of the City’s cashiered structures and pay the City’s hourly rate when exiting. City of Iowa City parking structures include the following:

Capitol Street Ramp

Court Street Ramp

Dubuque Street Ramp

Chauncey Swan Ramp

Tower Place Ramp

University Metered lots: The University also provides nearly 1,000 public metered parking spaces at more than thirty sites around campus. Some restrictions may apply as a number of those meters are reserved for registered patients, students with Day permits, visitors or guests so read signs or decals on the meters for clarification.  Parking meters accept coin payment or mobile payment via credit card through the Passport Parking app. More information can be found on our mobile parking webpage.

Metro Area Transportation Options

CAMBUS links Hawkeye Drive Apartments to the main and west campuses with the Hawkeye Interdorm, Hawkeye Hospital, Hawk Express and Hawk Lot/Hospital routes.  These routes can be boarded at stops #3140 and #3141 on nearby Prairie Meadows Drive.  Service starts early, runs late and provides frequent departures during peak class times.  Check the CAMBUS Service Calendar to see what routes are running on any given day of the year.  Check Routes, Schedules and Maps to select the departures that serve you best.  Use BONGO to track buses. 

U-Pass:  Three public transit systems serve the University campus; CAMBUS, Iowa City Transit and Coralville Transit. All three converge at the South edge of the Pentacrest on the downtown campus at the intersection of Washington and Clinton streets. CAMBUS is the University operated ‘free’ service and links riders with most campus destinations.

Iowa City Transit serves the greater Iowa City area while Coralville Transit links Coralville, North Liberty and the Coral Ridge Mall to downtown Iowa City and the University. Parking and Transportation offers the U-Pass, a discounted pass to currently registered students for use on either the Iowa City or Coralville systems. Some restrictions apply to students holding specific parking permits.

Students living at Hawkeye Drive and Aspire at West Campus can catch most Coralville Transit Routes at stop #0100 (UI Softball Complex on Highway 6), #0385 (1st Avenue and 2nd Street) and #4015 (Hardees on Highway 6 across from CVS Pharmacy).

Coral Ridge Mall Bus Service: University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) supports free rides on Thursday and Friday nights for UI students to and from the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville. To ride, board Coralville Transit’s Night route and show the driver your current University of Iowa student ID card.  Coralville Transit operates the blue buses.  The Night Route shows up on BONGO as Night/Saturday.  The first outbound departure to the mall departs from stop #0001 near the intersection of Clinton and Washington Streets (SE corner of Pentacrest) at 6:10 p.m. The last bus departing from the Mall and bound for a return to the Pentacrest departs from mall stop #4220 at 11:49 p.m. Remember this service is only free on Thursdays and Fridays and requires you to show your UI Student ID.

Nite Ride:  University Public Safety provides a safe late-night transportation alternative.

Bikes: More than 5,000 free bicycle parking spaces located at more than 150 sites around campus and in downtown Iowa City.  Complete your UI Bicycle Registration.

UI RideShareRidematching network to help students find fellow students interested in sharing daily commutes.  UI RideShare also offers single-trip matching to help you find a ride to your hometown, to athletic, performance, or community events.  UI RideShare also offers options for finding walking, biking and transit buddies. 

Taxis: Iowa City Taxis

Zipcar: Car sharing discounted for University of Iowa Students.  Cars are available at three (3) on and near campus locations. 

Long Distance Transportation Options

UI RideShareRidematching network to help students find fellow students interested in sharing daily commutes.  UI RideShare also offers single-trip matching to help you find a ride to your hometown, to athletic, performance, or community events.  UI RideShare also offers options for finding walking, biking and transit buddies. 

Megabus provides transportation to Chicago and stops include Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines, Coralville and Moline.  Buses depart locally from Coralville's Intermodal Facility at 906 Quarry Road in the Iowa River Landing area.  Several Coralville routes link the University Pentacrest to the Megabus station.  See the Coralville Transit website for details.  Riders that utilize this service will need to look for the Windstar buses.  When booking tickets through Megabus, please select Iowa City (Coralville) as the origin. 

Suburban Express


Burlington Trailways

Cedar Rapids Airport

Vehicle Registration

Registration: The Iowa State Board of Regents requires all students to register any vehicle used on campus (cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, etc.). At the University of Iowa, registration means that students are required to obtain and display an authorized University of Iowa parking permit. Parking and Transportation offers free and paid parking permits to currently registered students.

Free permits generally allow students to park in a designated facility and pay a cashier upon exiting the lot, or to pay a meter upon arrival. Parking meters accept coin payment or mobile payment via credit card through the Passport Parking app. More information can be found on our mobile parking webpage.  Examples of this type or permit include the Student Day permit, Student Night permit or the S permit for Law students. It is less expensive for occasional users who would not park often enough to justify the permit cost. These permits can be popular among those who regularly bus, bike or walk to campus instead of driving and parking a car.

Paid permits generally allow students to park a vehicle in a designated lot or lots without having to pay a cashier or pay a parking meter for each visit. Paid permits are either paid in advance or can be billed. Some examples of paid student permits include Commuter, Storage, Night and Weekend (NW), and motorcycle parking permits. For frequent users this option is less expensive and more convenient than paying a fee for each visit.

Parking Citations: Parking and Transportation issues parking citations for violations of parking regulations.  Citations are issued to the registered owners of vehicles or to whom the parking permit is registered to.  The schedule of fines for citations written on student-registered vehicles is significantly lower for many categories than for cars not registered to students. 

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