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Order Parking Permits and Bus Passes
Click on the link above, login with your Hawk ID and password, then follow the prompts to purchase a parking permit or UPASS. 

College of Law Student are classified as Graduate and Professional students in our system and based upon your home address there are parking permits available for purchase. Select where you live to see those options. There are two additional parking permits available to student currently enrolled in the College of Law that allow permit holders to park in the Myrtle Lot, located south of Boyd Law Building.

All permits are available on a first come, first serve basis. Academic session permits are available to order on August 1 and can be picked up immediately in either Parking Services office. Summer permits are available beginning May 1. 

Student Myrtle Permit (Lot 48):  The Student Myrtle Permit is a pre-paid permit and allows currently registered College of Law students to park in Parking Lot 48. Instead of paying for hourly use, the permit is pre-paid each semester. This permit also allows you access into Lot 34-Facutly/Staff lot 4:30pm-7:30am Monday-Friday and all weekend long and gives you night weekend parking privileges on campus.  View details of Night and Weekend parking privilegesThe Student Myrtle Permit (Lot 48) fulfills the Regents vehicle registration requirement. 

Law-S Permit:  The Law-S Permit is a no-cost permits available to currently registered College of Law students. The permit allows students to park their vehicle in one of the numbered spaces in the Myrtle Lot and pay the hourly fee. Payment for hourly parking is made via the mobile payment application. The Law-S Permit fulfills the Regents vehicle registration requirement. 


Myrtle Parking Lot configuration details