Mandatory Maxi-Van Training

Fleet Safety Program

Maxi-Van Rental and Training

Fleet Services wants to remind everyone about a provision of the Fleet Safety Program that requires all drivers to be experienced in the types of vehicles that are leased or rented from the department. This provision states that the driver "...has reasonable experience driving the type of vehicle being used, and could reasonably be expected to operate the vehicle in a safe and prudent manner." Please refer to Chapter 19.5 of the University Operations Manual.

This has become an issue with our maxi-van fleet. This type of vehicle is so different from driving a car and since the passenger capacity is greater than a car, we need to feel confident in the abilities of the operator to ensure the safety of the passengers. Because a maxi-van is unique in size and handling, most people will not be able to demonstrate adequate experience (driving a maxi-van or larger vehicle several times per month) that would allow us to release the vehicle without some additional training. We know many programs have counted on using these vehicles, so we have developed a training program that will meet our requirements enabling students, faculty and staff to safely operate these vehicles.

The maxi-van training program consists of completing a 15-passenger van defensive driving course and taking a familiarization drive. Additionally, Student Organization groups will need to complete the Defensive Driving Course. For your convenience, both courses are available on-line. After completion of the on-line training, the group will need to contact Fleet Services to schedule a familiarization drive. This drive will be conducted by CAMBUS driver trainers and will emphasize the concepts described in the on-line training course. The familiarization drive will be conducted on an as-needed basis. To reserve a time, call Fleet Services two weeks before you would like to schedule the training. This allows CAMBUS the time to schedule enough trainers for the session. The cost of the program depends upon the number of participants.

The maxi-van familiarization is $5.00 per person with a minimum charge of $10.00 and a maximum group size of 4 persons. Both the on-line 15-passenger van course and the on-line Defensive Driving Course cost $6.00 per course per person.

If you have any questions regarding the policy or the van training requirements please call (319) 384-0564.