Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle Parking

For the purposes of University parking policy, motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds are categorized and referred to as motorcycles.

Faculty, Staff, and Students desiring on-campus parking for a motorcycle are required to purchase a parking permit.

Motorcycle Permit Rate Information

Motorcycles with valid University permits are able to park in any University motorcycle lot on campus. Motorcycles must be parked within lines of the motorcycle parking lot. If the motorcycle stalls are full, the permit holder must go to another motorcycle lot with available space.

The City of Iowa City also provides motorcycle parking in designated areas and requires its own permit.  University permits are not valid in Iowa City lots and vice versa. 

Motorcycles may not park in any other area, including the University's fire lanes, loading zones, construction areas, driveways, lawns, sidewalks, automobile parking spaces or bicycle racks. Motorcycles may not be locked to or parked at utility poles, trees, bollards, railings, signposts, meter posts, or fences.

Motorcycles are also prohibited from parking in all automobile parking spaces, ADA (handicap) aisles and walkways. 

Improperly parked motorcycles are subject to citing, towing or impounding.

Motorcycle lots are not meant to be used for storage. The Parking and Transportation Department does not have storage available for motorcycles.

Motorcycle lots are maintained by sweeping and striping. Most motorcycle lot use is seasonal and during winter snow months, motorcycle lots may not be plowed, salted, or sanded.


Moped Safety Guidelines

Information provided by the University of Iowa Police Department

Mopeds or motorized bicycles must follow all Iowa and Iowa City traffic laws.  Vehicles licensed as a moped, known by law as a motorized bicycle, have specific laws that apply to them. 

• A person operating a motorized bicycle on the highway shall not carry any other person on the vehicle.

• Motorcycle or motorized bike violation: Having more than one rider on a motorized bicycle.  Fines do apply.

• Bicycle Safety Flags are required on motorized bicycles.

• When operated on a highway, a motorized bicycle shall have a bicycle safety flag which extends not less than five feet above the ground attached to the rear of the motorized bicycle.  The bicycle safety flag shall be triangular in shape with an area of not less than thirty square inches and be Day-Glo in color.  Fines do apply.

• Bicycle Safety Flags may be picked up at any of the following locations:

• Parking and Transportation Office, located in the West Campus Transportation Center (WCTC)

• UI Residence Halls

• Department of Public Safety Office, 808 University Capitol Centre

Safety tips

• Although not required by Iowa State Law, a motorcycle helmet can help prevent serious injury if you are involved in a crash.

• At night wear lighter, more visible clothing.

• It is both illegal and dangerous to operate a motorized bicycle or motorcycle on a sidewalk.