Parking Lot 11 construction impacts due to temporary boilers

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Parking Lot 11 construction impacts due to temporary boilers

November 14, 2016

To ensure the university is able to meet the steam demands of our campus this winter, temporary boilers will be installed beginning Wednesday, November 16 in the northeast corner of Parking Lot 11. This equipment will provide reliable heating and steam service to the campus while two boilers at the main Power Plant undergo conversion to meet new EPA regulations.

A large number of spaces located in the east portion of the parking lot will be temporarily unavailable to allow for construction and installation of the boilers. Areas indicated in red will be blocked off for the duration of construction and installation. The Capitol Street, east entrance will also be closed during construction.

Please remove your vehicle from the area indicated in red before 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15.

Parking Lot 11 is located between Madison Street and Capitol Street just immediatly south of Court Street. The majority of the east half will be closed to construction as will the east entrance from Capitol Street indicated in red.

It is anticipated that construction and installation will be complete early January 2017. When installed, the boilers will occupy less than 50 parking spaces in the northeast corner.

Please contact us at or call (319) 335-1475 if you have any questions or concerns.