Parking and Transportation student employees give hope through Dance Marathon 25

Parking and Transportation student employees get involved with Dance Marathon 25

January 31, 2019

Every year, a number of our student employees are involved in UI Dance Marathon. When it comes to events as large as Dance Marathon, there are many components required to ensure that everything runs smoothly. University Parking and Transportation assists with a number of things such as the CAMBUS shuttle services and parking access on camps, which are made possible largely due to the help of our hard-working student employees.

CAMBUS driver and nursing major, Brooke Willardson, chose to become even further involved with Dance Marathon by choosing to participate in the event itself. “Dance Marathon touched my heart last year from the moment we waved at the kiddos in the Children’s Hospital at my first ever Hawkeye Football Game,” said Willardson, “It was such a simple act that truly moved me, and made me want to be more involved with those wonderful kids waving at us from the 11th floor.” 

Willardson has worked for CAMBUS for just under a year. Recently Willardson became Bionic Bus qualified - becoming one of our drivers that can provide our complementary paratransit service. She describes how some of the initial challenges of working for CAMBUS, such as talking over the radio, have been beneficial to her. “I’ve really learned how to trust myself and my skills, which is something that has came in handy in all of my activities,” said Willardson.

“Dance Marathon has not only improved my college experience, but who I am as a person, and I am so thankful for it.” Willardson ran the Chicago Marathon in the fall of 2018 to raise funds for Dance Marathon and has taken on a more involved role in Dance Marathon as a morale captain. 

Getting to know the strong kids and working for CAMBUS have helped Willardson trust that she is capable of anything. "The best part of working for CAMBUS is the look on people's faces when I tell them I drive a 40 foot bus for my job and the people I work with. I don't know how CAMBUS does it, but the people who work for CAMBUS are all so wonderful."

We are proud of our student employees and all of those participating in Dance Marathon, and congratulate them as well as the families involved on another successful year. Learn more about Dance Marathon at: