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The University of Iowa employs more than 18,000 full-time employees. Parking for these employees is provided in more than 60 different parking facilities around campus. Many employees choose to take advantage of one of our commuter programs which includes discounted bus passes for use on either the Iowa City or Coralville Transit systems; or if you live outside the metro area the Van Pool program. The University also provides more than 5,000 bicycle parking spaces around campus should you choose to bike to work.

Employees who choose to park on campus will need to meet eligibility criteria as outlined in the Faculty/Staff Parking Assignment Policy and to place their name on lot-specific waiting lists.  Resident and Fellow Physicians participating in UIHC's Graduate Medical Education Program (GME) are supported by a separate GME parking program. 

For information on where employee parking facilities are located see the Employee Parking Facilities Map. You can review specific features and prices of the various permit types listed here. 

Permit Type
Permit Types
Ramp Reserved
Surface Reserved A
Surface Reserved B
Commuter Lots
Carpool Sticker
Surface Night (SN)
Ramp Night (RN)
Night and Weekend (NW)
Motorcycle Parking


To place your name on a wait list go to your Self Service site and look to the bottom left corner of the main page for My Parking. After submitting your requests, the Parking Services office will confirm your status as a University Employee, your primary work site and other eligibility criteria. Usually within 48 hours your name will show up on the lists you applied for. At any time you may review your place on a list by returning to the Self Service site and reviewing your information.

Parking and Transportation also supports night and weekend parking options.  The Night and Weekend (NW) permit is not lot-specific and does not require the use of a waiting list.