Pay-in-Lane Machines

New pay-in-lane machines at university parking facilities allow you to pay in the exit lane.

The payment is quick and easy and reduces the time to exit by offering more exit options. 

– Cashiers will still be on duty throughout the majority of the day. Customers can process transactions with a cashier (when present) or at a pay-in-lane machine.

– A parking pass or Patient Parking Voucher, can be scanned at pay-in-lane machines.

– Parking Dispatch, centrally located, will be available 24/7 to help customers at the push of a button on the pay-in-lane machines. 


How to make payments using pay-in-lane

Step 1 | (entry) Push button for ticket and take ticket from the entry lane machine

Step 2 | (exit) Insert ticket in the exit lane “ticket only” feeder

Option | If you have a parking pass, “present pass” code to the machine

Step 3 | Make payment via cash or card

Three step process to enter and exit using pay-in-lane machine


Contact Parking Office

For questions please contact our customer service staff by calling (319) 335-1475 or emailing