Carpool Permit

Carpool permit allows an employee, who currently holds either a Ramp Reserved, Surface Reserved (Rate A), Surface Reserved (Rate B), or Commuter Lot permit to convert their existing permit into a carpool arrangement if they wish to begin rotating driving responsibilities with other UI faculty or staff members. Parking Map.  The permit holder and their carpool members will be issued a single shared hangtag which is to be displayed from the vehicle used when accessing the assigned lot on workdays. The hangtag must be simultaneously displayed with a carpool sticker to be valid. Each registered member of the carpool will receive a sticker that must be attached to the driver’s side of the vehicle windshield. The hangtag will be assigned only to the original permit-holder.  Faculty/Staff Parking Assignment Policy. 

Driving a different car today?  Don't forget to bring your hangtag with you. 

A carpool permit can only be exchanged for an existing permit. 

The rates are the same as those for the original qualifying permits.  All fees and fines are to be paid by the original permit holder.  Cost-sharing, if any, is the responsibility of the permit holder and the carpool members. 

Night and Weekend (NW) privileges are provided to each carpool member via their carpool sticker (one each).  Only the sticker is required to access the NW privileges. 

Departmental Business Placards:

Departmental Business Placards are valid when used in conjunction with an appropriately displayed Carpool Permit.

Departmental Business Placards are valid when used with an appropriately displayed Ramp Reserved or a Surface Reserved (Rate A) permit, but are NOT valid with a Surface Reserved (Rate B) or Commuter Lot permit. For a carpool permit to be valid in the assigned lot, both the hangtag and the sticker must be displayed.