Student Day Permit

Any registered student not living in a residence hall may obtain this permit. This permit is free and allows parking and reduced hourly fees in the Library Lot (Lot 3). Vehicles displaying this permit will receive lower parking citation fines if ever found in violation of the Parking Rules and Regulations.

Student Day parking permits are valid August 16 - August 15. ​

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Displaying Your Permit: The Student Day Permit sticker must be displayed weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. while parked in the Library Parking Lot. Peel off the clear facing of the sticker by bending it at the slit and affix the sticker to the inside, lower front windshield of the driver's side. The permit sticker must be completely affixed to be valid. Failure to properly display will result in a $20 citation. The parking permit is transferable between vehicles registered with the university to your name.

Using Your Permit: Student Day Permit holders must enter the Library Parking lot via the student, right-hand entry lane but may use either exit lane. If parking lot is full or closed, access may be denied. Hourly charges for the Library Parking Lot accrue at the student hourly rate.  Student Day permit holders have the option to request an access card with this permit that allows hourly parking charges to be billed through the student U-Bill.  

Rate and Payment Options: All parking facilities are cashiered 24/7, the first half hour is free. The second half hour costs $0.35. Each additional hour accrues at the rate of $0.75/hour. There are two options for entering/exiting and making payment:

Take a ticket from the dispenser at the entry gate and pay cash or debit/credit at the exit gate.

Use a parking access card for entry and exit and record parking charges to your U-Bill and make payment to U-Bill. More information is available on the Student Park Card webpage.  

Departmental Business Placards:

Departmental Business Placards are NOT valid when used with a Student Day Permit.