Student Lot 56 Mayflower

Mayflower Hall Parking Permit

The Mayflower Parking Permit (Lot 56) is a for-fee permit that provides parking in the parking lot adjacent to Mayflower Residence Hall. Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 parking permits are valid August 16, 2019 — May 15, 2020. Student parking permit costs are billed per semester. You may cancel your parking permit at anytime for a prorated refund. If you wish to cancel for the spring semester, return the parking permit before December 31.

Displaying Your Permit: The parking permit sticker must be displayed while parked in Parking Lot 56. Peel off the clear facing of the sticker by bending it at the slit and affix the sticker to the inside, lower front windshield of the driver’s side. The parking permit sticker must be completely affixed to be valid. Failure to properly display will result in a $20 citation. The parking permit is transferable between vehicles registered with the university to your name.

Choose this permit when ordering online: Permit type-Student Surface A: Lot 56

Rates for Student Lot 56 Mayflower

Student Lot 56 Mayflower Permit Rate

per month



Total cost


Student permits are billed each semester.  The cost per semester for a Student Surface A Permit is $279/semester. 

Departmental Business Placards:

Departmental Business Placards are NOT valid when used with a Student Lot 56 Mayflower.