Student Lot 65 Finkbine

Finkbine Commuter (Lot 65) Permit

Undergraduate students living outside the Iowa City/Coralville city limits may purchase this parking permit. Graduate students living within the City limits may purchase this permit as well. This permit also includes Night and Weekend parking privileges.

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 parking permits are valid August 16, 2020 — May 15, 2021. Student parking permit costs are billed per semester. You may cancel your parking permit at anytime for a prorated refund. If you wish to cancel for the spring semester, return the parking permit before December 31. The Finkbine Commuter Parking Lot (Lot 65) parking permit is a for-fee permit that provides day-time parking in Parking Lot 65.  This parking permit also provides Night and Weekend (NW) Privileges in university cashiered facilities.

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Using Your Permit: Hang the parking permit placard from your rear view mirror. The permit must be clearly displayed from the rear view mirror while parked in Parking Lot 65 to be valid.

The south entrance and exit of Parking Lot 65 is controlled by a parking gate and requires the use of your provided parking access card. Should you forget to display your parking permit please visit our website

Nights and Weekends: Night and Weekend (NW) Privileges provide access to university cashiered facilities via a parking access card at no extra charge between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. Monday – Friday and all weekend. To use NW Privileges you must use your parking access card to enter and exit the parking facility.

Present the parking access card to the face of the card reader, hold steady and parallel to the reader surface. The card must also be scanned when the parking gates are up. The standard and graduated rates apply for use outside of the NW Privilege hours and are charged through your U-Bill. Visit and click on the link “View my Parking Access Card Transactions” to view your transactions.

 Parking access card charges accrue monthly through your U-Bill but could take up to 60 days to post. Never share, transfer or pass-back a parking access card. Repeated misuse will result in cancelation of privileges. If you forget your parking access card you will pay the full cashiered amount. If parking facility sign indicates full, you will need to go to the next available facility.

CAMBUS Info:  Hospital Finkbine Arena and Pentacrest routes provide service to Finkbine Lot, check out the schedules. 

Hospital Finkbine Arena Year-Round Weekday

PentacrestPentacrest Academic Weekday ♦ Pentacrest Interim-Summer Weekday

When ordering online, choose the Student Commuter Permit: Lot 65.

Rates for Student Lot 65 Finkbine

Finkbine Commuter Permit (Lot 65) Rate

per month



Total cost


Student permits are billed each semester. The cost per semester for a Student Commuter Permit (Lot 65 or 85) is $121.50/semester. 

Departmental Business Placards:

Departmental Business Placards are NOT valid when used with a Student Lot 65 Finkbine.