Student Motorcycle Permit

Student Motorcycle (MC) Permit

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 parking permits are valid August 16, 2020 — May 15, 2021. ​ Student parking permit costs are billed per semester. You may cancel your parking permit at anytime for a prorated refund. If you wish to cancel for the spring semester, return the parking permit before December 31.  ​

The Student Motorcycle (MC) parking permit is a for-fee permit that allows permit holders the use of any university motorcycle parking lot.​

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Displaying your permit: The parking permit sticker must be clearly displayed to be valid. The permit sticker must be easily visible when the motorcycle, moped, or scooter is viewed from the rear. Peel off the paper from the permit sticker. Then affix firmly and completed to a clean surface. Do not affix to the license plate.

Using your permit: The Student MC parking permit allows the use of any university motorcycle parking lot without an hourly charge. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are only allowed in designated motorcycle parking lots. Student MC parking permits do not allow parking in spots designated for cars and are never allowed to park at a bicycle rack.

Additional Permit Information: Additional motorcycle parking details and safety tips are available online at

Rates for Student Motorcycle Permit

Student Motorcycle Permit

per month



Total cost


Student permits are billed each semester. The cost per semester for the Student Motorcycle permit is $63/semester.

Departmental Business Placards:

Departmental Business Placards are NOT valid when used with a Student Motorcycle Permit.