Tow Policy

Tow Policy Overview

There are two basic reasons the University tows vehicles.

  • The vehicle must be moved immediately because it is blocking access to, prevents use of or inhibits operation of a facility, structure or activity; or it is causing damage, or represents a safety hazard.
  • The vehicle or permit has an extended history of parking violations and ticketing has failed to alter its use. Under the current policy a vehicle is placed upon the tow list after the accumulation of $200 of violations within the UI parking permit year, allowing Officers to tow the vehicle any time it is subsequently found in violation.

Tow Policy

Tow List Notification

After the accumulation of $200 of violations within the one parking permit year, a notification letter will be sent to the registered owner or permit-holder.

Citation History

The history of citations accumulated by a vehicle during a permit year accompanies that vehicle during the remainder of the permit year. This applies even if the vehicle ownership was originally identified as public, but later citations were billed to a student, faculty, or staff.

Clean Record

Vehicles will be cleared from the tow list at the beginning of the next permit year if all accumulated citations have been paid. If left unpaid, the vehicle will remain on the tow list indefinitely.


The University assumes no responsibility for damage to a towed vehicle.

Tow Fee

Any vehicle that's towed due to being on the tow list will be issued a Tow Fee, in addition to any parking violations that may be issued.

Show-Up Fee

If the operator of the vehicle shows up after a tow truck has been summoned but before the tow is completed, any applicable fees must be paid to the towing company.

Reclaiming Your Vehicle

Owners and operators of vehicles towed through University Parking and Transportation must first sign a release at the University's Department of Public Safety Offices, 808 University Capitol Centre (enter on the Capitol Street side of the building). 

Towed vehicles are not stored at Public Safety, but at an impound lot managed by the towing contractor shown below.  The location of the tow contractor is approximately two miles SW of Highway 218 on Highway 1.  Office hours are 7am to 7pm daily. 

Current Towing Contractor:

Big Ten Towing

3309 Highway 1 SW

Iowa City, IA 52240

(319) 354-5936

Requesting release of a vehicle outside of business hours will cost $60 + applicable taxes in addition to the tow fees.

All fees must be paid to the towing company before the vehicle is released from impound. 

For Students:

Students who have received citations and register their vehicles are eligible to have the fines reduced to student rates on citations having been issued within the two days prior to registering their vehicle. 

Contact Information

Parking Office: (319) 335-1475

Field Services: (319) 335-1481

Public Safety: (319) 335-5022