Poster Policy & Application Form

CAMBUS "Public Service" Poster Display

Policies and Requirements

I.  General

1. As a service to the University community, CAMBUS makes space available on the interior panels of its transit buses for the display of public service posters. This service is provided for no fee.

2. University of Iowa associated entities receive priority for space. Non-University entities are eligible on a space available basis.

3. Space is limited. CAMBUS cannot guarantee that all posters submitted will be displayed. Posters are limited to a four week display period. The number displayed, for each submission, is limited to 15 or 10 (depending on size). Posters will be returned (via campus mail) or saved, upon request, if space is not available.

4. Poster display. Posters cannot be specified for display on specific routes as buses are randomly assigned each day. CAMBUS is not responsible for damage, wear or loss of posters displayed.

5. Policy intent. These policies are intended to maximize the opportunity for display of posters, provide fair opportunity, promote effective display, and reasonably manage the demand and processes.


II.  Eligibility Requirement Policy

Those eligible to have posters displayed, for no fee, shall meet one of the following requirements:

1. A University recognized student organization.

2. A University affiliated department, organization, or group.

3. Organizations/groups whose services or activities are non-fee based and are intended to be of benefit for University students, faculty, or staff.


III.  Poster Content Policy

CAMBUS services are public and utilized by all segments of the population. This policy is intended to be respectful of all who use or may use the services. Content shall meet the following requirements to be eligible for display:

1. Shall contain the name of the sponsoring organization.

2. Shall contain specific information about the activity or event (i.e. time, date, location).

3. Shall contain the ADA Accessibility Statement for all University sponsored events.

4. Shall not proselytize a particular point of view.

5. Shall not contain injurious, offensive, discriminatory, or sexually explicit language or graphics.


IV.  Determination of Eligibility for Display

The CAMBUS Manager and appropriate Supervisor will determine if a poster qualifies for display. If determined to be ineligible, an attempt will be made to contact the indicated representative. The representative may, if possible, modify the poster to meet the eligibility requirements. If there is uncertainty of eligibility for those wishing to submit posters, it is recommended that they contact the CAMBUS Manager at (319) 335-8632 or email


V.  Poster Number, Size and Type

Posters are installed and removed one time per week (posters will still be displayed for four weeks).

The number of posters eligible for display is limited to 1/3 of the transit fleet and will be displayed for a four week period.

Size and Number of Posters:

All posters must be 11 inches tall in order to be displayed. It is recommended that posters be 8.5 x 11 in. (printed vertically). This will allow the maximum number of posters to be displayed.

Standard: 8.5 in. wide x 11 in. tall       Quantity: 15 posters should be provided.

Over-Sized: 17 in. wide x 11 in. tall     Quantity: 10 posters should be provided.

Poster Type

Posters must be printed on card stock. Posters printed on common weight paper will not be accepted as they tend to slip out of the panels and deteriorate quickly.

To improve effectiveness, poster design should account for the fact that they are viewed from a few feet away. Text should be large and minimized; less is often better.


VI.  Poster Display Period

Display of each poster will be limited to four weeks.

Posters are displayed for four weeks from the date they are put up. Posters are installed/removed at a specific time in order to avoid disruption of service.

No posters will be saved upon expiration.


VII.  Poster Submission - Application Form and Deadlines

Poster Submission Form

All posters must be submitted with a completed POSTER APPLICATION. This is to facilitate processing as well as provide a contact. Posters may be sent via campus mail (100 WCTC) or dropped off with the Parking Customer Service at the WCTC. The Poster Application is also available at the West Campus Transportation Center.

Poster Submission Deadline

Posters should be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Monday to assure they can be processed for display later that same week. If submitted after Monday, they may not be displayed until the following week. Once posters are received and successfully processed, they will be displayed on the next designated posting day. No posters will be held for a later date.

Submitters should determine the most appropriate four week period to display their posters.


VIII.  Policy Questions, Concerns or Requests

Please contact the following individuals:

CAMBUS Posters:

CAMBUS Manager: (319) 335-8632 or


Note: CAMBUS also provides a fee based poster display service. For those not meeting the above eligibility, desiring priority, longer display periods, etc. – this may be an option. For options and costs, please contact the CAMBUS Manager at the phone number or email indicated above.

For policy questions, concerns or requests, please contact


CAMBUS Poster Application

If you need assistance completing the Poster Application, please contact cambus-posters@uiowa.eduCAMBUS Manager, or call (319) 335-8632.