Modifications have been made to CAMBUS routes due to RAGBRAI impacts including street closure and heavy bicycle traffic on the bike route. 

Effective: Friday, July 27

Stops that will not be serviced by Red Route:

#0254 Hardin Library
#0256 MERF
#0264 Pappajohn Biodiscovery Building
#2114 Hancher Lot
#2110 Hancher & Park Road
#1030 Clinton & Iowa
#0001 Schaeffer (Downtown Interchange)

To board Red Route on Newton Road, riders should board at the #0250 VA Loop.

To board Red Route downtown, riders should board at #0120 MacBride Hall or #1050 MacBride Hall.

Temporary CAMBUS stops (serviced by Red & Blue):

Ferson & Grove (Northbound)
Park Road & Holt (Eastbound)
N. Riverside Drive & Grove (Southbound)

Temporary CAMBUS and Iowa City Transit stops for RAGBRAI:

Upper City Park – take Red Route direct to downtown, or Blue Route to Downtown via West Campus
Jefferson Street (between Clinton & Dubuque) – take Blue Route direct to Upper City Park, or Red Route to Upper City Park via West Campus

Red Route modifications for RAGBRAI and temporary stop locations