Rideshare Programs

Parking and Transportation supports several ridesharing programs for university faculty, staff, and students who want to share their commute or do not have access to transportation.  These programs are intended to help reduce parking demand on campus but also provide many other benefits including reducing traffic, congestion, and pollution. 

Check out our programs to see if one is a good fit for your needs.  UI RideShare Network is an application to help university faculty, staff, and students find a match for daily commutes or find single matches to an event or for finding a ride home.  If you have any questions, please contact Commuter Programs at (319) 353-5770 or commuter-programs@uiowa.edu


Rideshare Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions For Rideshare

Could my van pool rate change?
Van pool rates are set each fiscal year taking into consideration the monthly cost of operating each van, minus Parking & Transportation's contribution.View Details
How much does it cost to van pool?
A lot less than you pay to drive alone! AAA's annual "Your Driving Costs" study recently revealed a 1.9% rise in the yearly cost to own and operate a sedan in the U.S.View Details
When will we get a new van?
Fleet Services tracks mileage, age, and maintenance of vehicles and notifies Commuter Programs when it is time to swap current vans with new vehicles, trade with another department or another van wView Details
Do you have a roadside assistance program?
Yes. Fleet Services has contracted with ARI to provide roadside assistance. Each van has a roadside assistance card in the van with contact information.View Details
The van has a flat tire in my home town. What do I do?
There should be a roadside assistance information card in the van. Call the number on the back of the card for help. Fleet Services has contracted with ARI to provide roadside assistance.View Details
I had an accident with the van, what should I do?
If there are any injuries, call 911. If the accident is on campus, call UI Police. If the accident is off-campus, call the local police.View Details
Where can I clean the van?
There is a vacuum cleaner at Fleet Services' maintenance shop that you could use.View Details
Where can I wash the van?
Fleet Services provides one (1) free car wash per month to their lease customers.View Details
The van is low on fuel and we won't make it back to campus, what should I do?
Use the fuel credit card that is in the van. Instructions for usage are available with either Commuter Programs or Fleet Services.View Details
Where do I refuel the van?
Use the University fuel pumps south of the Cambus Maintenance Facility.View Details