Student Park Card

Student Park Card

The Student Park Card is a parking access card option available to student who have registered for a Student Day Permit. By using the access card, hourly charges for parking in the Library Parking Lot are billed through your U-Bill. This convenient option saves time when entering and exiting and can help you track your monthly parking expenditures.

How to use the access card

Access card reader machine showing detail of target area
The Student Park Card provides access to the Library Parking Lot only. If the parking lot is full or closed access will be denied.

In the far right entry lane, present your access card to the access card reader located next to the ticket machine. Present either side of the access card to within one inch of the access card reader's target and hold it still for a second. Do not wave or move the access card over the target. When exiting follow the same procedure and present the access card to the access card reader in the exiting lane.

If you opt to use the Student Park Card to enter you must also use the card to exit and vice versa. This includes if the parking gates are in the raised position. You may still choose to pull a ticket upon entry and make payment via the cashier.

Never share, transfer, or "pass-back" a parking access card. Each incidence will result in a daily maximum charge. Repeated misuse will result in cancelation of privileges.

Charges and U-Bill Statements

Hourly charges accrue at the student rate of $0.75/hour; however, the first hour is only $0.35.

Failure to scan in or scan out will result in a “no entry/no exit” fee of $6.00.

The daily maximum fee when using the Student Park Card is $12.00.

Parking access card charges accrue monthly through your U-Bill but could take up to 60 days to post.