Student Parking and Transportation Info

Welcome Hawkeye families to the University of Iowa campus. It is a very busy place. During the academic weekday, as many as 65,000 students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors are on the campus. Special events for athletics, concerts, graduation, and conferences bring even more visitors to campus.

We support many transportation options to help student travel to and through campus. We offer Zipcar car sharing, UPASS $10/month transit, a Silver Bicycle Friendly Campus, and parking options. Student parking options are offered according to the following criteria:

– Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student

– Where you live

– If you are living in a university residence hall or housing

– If your off-campus residence is within city limits

– Whether low cost options of transit, biking, car sharing, or taxis might work for you


To start, indicate whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.