TOS - Employee Permits

Terms of Service - Employee Parking Permits

This is not a lease for parking space but merely a registration for parking privilege only.

The University and its officials have and assume no responsibility for cars parked on University property.

Any parking privilege issued are for university employee convenience in connection with my duties with the University and that privilege may not be used by any other person.

Parking permit charges will continue until the permit expires or is returned to the Parking and Transportation Department for cancellation.

Any Parking and Transportation related fees and sanctions may be payroll deducted if they are not paid after the initial billing.

By purchasing a parking permit/bus pass, paying a parking citation, or appealing a parking citation agree they have read and agree to the University of Iowa Parking Rules and Regulations located at 


Parking Access Card Use and Fees

The parking access card must be used to both enter and exit the parking facilities.

The card must still be scanned when the parking gates are in the raised position including on university holidays.

Failure to use your access card to either enter or exit may result in the daily max fee being charged.

The standard and Graduated Rates apply for use outside of the Night and Weekend hours and will be sent to payroll or the UBILL, if not payroll eligible.


Payroll Deduction

Parking fees as noted above will be deducted from university payroll check unless otherwise specified. Payroll deductions are one month after actual parking usage (for example, September 1 payroll deduction is for August parking charge).


Page created March 2019