Transit Study 2019-2020

Transit Study 2019-2020

Iowa City Transit has embarked on a comprehensive operational analysis of their transit system and invited University of Iowa CAMBUS and Coralville Transit to join the study. The three transit systems have selected consulting group Nelson/Nygaard to conduct the study. The study objective is to provide recommendations to improve services and assist with strategic planning to meet operational goals. 

The primary goals identified for the study

  • Route analysis
  • Late-night/weekend service
  • Downtown traffic congestion
  • Facility needs
  • Other goals include the viability of using electric-powered buses, stop locations and amenities, and route schedules.

Timeline September 2019 - June 2020 (projected)

  • September 2019 study begins
  • September 9 - 15, 2019 on board rider surveys
  • October - Novembers 2019: Public Meetings
  • Late 2019: Options provided to transit systems
  • Early 2020: Public input on options