Undergraduate Student Parking Options

Undergraduate Student Parking Options

Choose the option that best describes where you live. 

On-Campus in UI Residence Hall

Students living in university residence halls are eligible for a Hawkeye Storage Permit on a first-come, first-serve basis as space is available.

Off-campus, but within the Iowa City/Coralville metro area

Off-campus, but outside the Iowa City/Coralville metro area


UI Residence Hall

Select the residence hall you currently live in, or hope to be assigned to, in order to view your transportation options.  To qualify you must have a current signed and approved UI Housing contract. 

Undergraduate Only On-Campus Housing

Residence Halls

Burge Hall

Catlett Hall

Currier Hall

Daum Hall

Hillcrest Hall

Mayflower Hall

Petersen Hall

Rienow Hall

Slater Hall

Stanley Hall