Van Pool Substitute Rider Information

Van Pool Substitute Rider Information

If a permanent assignment is not available on one of the employee van pools, you may be able to periodically ride in the vans until an assignment is available through the Substitute Van Pool Rider program.


Criteria for Participation

Van Pool Members:  Current University of Iowa van pool members may periodically ride alternate vans at no extra charge through the Substitute Van Pool Rider (Sub Rider) program. To participate, follow the “Sub Rider Procedures” outlined below.


Non Van Pool Members:  University of Iowa employees, who are not currently van pool members, may periodically obtain transportation to and from work by enrolling in the Sub Rider program. To participate, the employee must meet and agree to the following criteria:

  1. Seek permanent van pool membership by placing their name on the waiting list for van(s) on which they want to sub ride.
  2. Accept any offer of a permanent assignment on a requested van. Declining an offer for a permanent assignment will result in termination of the employee’s Substitute Van Pool Rider Agreement for 6 months or as determined by the Commuter Programs’ Manager at his/her sole discretion.
  3. Pay the daily Sub Rider fee (same for one way or round trip) through authorization of payroll deduction.
  4. Sign the Substitute Van Pool Rider Policy and Agreement prior to sub riding.

Sub Rider Procedures

  1. Must meet Sub Rider criteria for participation as listed above.
  2. Contact the van driver prior to riding for information on space availability on the van.
  3. Present your current University of Iowa employee identification to the van driver.
  4. Abide by all rules established by the Van Pool Program and by the day-to-day operational practices of the van pool.
  5. Agree to abide by the van’s current route and schedule, which cannot be altered.
  6. All non van pool member payments must be made through payroll deduction; no payment may be exchanged between participants and/or drivers; violation of this policy may be grounds for dismissal from the Van Pool Program and other University disciplinary actions.

Van Driver Instructions

  1. Once a year, the primary van driver, in consultation with their van members, will determine if their van will accept or deny sub riders. If the driver chooses to accept sub riders, any and all eligible sub riders must be accepted for that year. Drivers must refuse any sub rider who does not meet the Sub Rider criteria and/or follow the procedures.
  2. Sub riders can ride if the van does not exceed its approved occupancy level and no van member assigned to the van is displaced.
  3. Record all sub rides on the van’s log sheet with sub rider’s name and date of each ride.


Substitute Van Pool Rider Agreement

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