Bicycle Infrastructure

University of Iowa and the surrounding communities offer many bicycle amenities including repair stations, covered parking, dedicated bike lanes, and trail systems. View more biking resources on our Biking on Campus page.

Bicycle Parking

Bike parking is free! Don’t know where to park? Use the university Bicycle Infrastructure Map to find parking locations.

Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks. Please do not obstruct walkways, railings, doorways or ramps.

Bikes not parked at a rack may be ticketed, immobilized and/or impounded.

Please do not leave your bike on campus. Abandoned bicycles will be impounded.

Bicycle Security

Never leave your bike unlocked.

Always park at a bike rack. Lock both wheels and the frame of the bike to the rack.

Securing your bike only by the frame or only by the wheel makes it vulnerable to theft. 

Do not leave your bike in an area unattended for an extended period of time.

Register your bicycle. Thieves look for bikes without any identification on them.

Take a picture with your bike. This could help law enforcement identify it. 


Help protect your bike by registering it with Bike Index.

Stolen Bicycle?

Report a stolen bike to Campus Safety immediately or call the local police department within the community where the bike was stolen.

Provide the bike registration number, serial number, make, model, size and color.


Phone: 319-353-5770