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We're here to help and your feedback is important. Use this form to submit questions and feedback.

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Staff recognition program

Recognize a Parking and Transportation employee who has gone above and beyond to help you or make your campus experience better

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Share your why

Making the choice to ‘Unpark Yourself’ saves you money and ultimately helps create a more sustainable campus. 

Why do you walk, bike, ride transit, van pool, or carpool? 

Transportation forms

CAMBUS Driver Application

CAMBUS offers several promotion opportunities for students. These opportunities come with a raise and meaningful experience that will carry beyond graduation.

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Subscribe to Fleet Services Newsletter

To get the latest information from Fleet Services, subscribe to their monthly newsletter. 

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Parking forms

Parking refund request

To request a refund for parking in a public parking facilities complete this form. 


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Parking in UIHC parking ramp verification

Our system that monitors parking facilities is unable to verify if an employee is parked while at work or while at an appointment. However, the violation can easily be canceled by submitting this form.

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Event parking request

Advance planning with Parking and Transportation Department can ensure a smooth experience for your guests by avoiding citations and other issues.  If you are planning an event on campus, complete and submit this form.

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Access card request form

To request a parking access card, please complete and submit this form.  


Carpool permit request

Have a parking permit? Want to share the driving? Turn your parking permit into a carpool arrangement. 

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Cancel parking permit form

If you no longer need your virtual permit complete this form to cancel your permit.  Note: Physical parking permits need to be returned to the WCTC office to be cancelled.

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Lost/stolen report

If your physical permit, access card or U-PASS is lost/stolen complete this form.

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Parking receipt request

If you need a receipt for your public parking transaction, complete this form.