Transit Coach Operator

Transit coach operators provide fixed-route transit services throughout campus with full-size buses. CAMBUS provides paid training to earn your Commercial Driver's License.

Demand-Response Driver

Demand-response drivers provide Bionic and On-Demand services in mini-buses that do not require a Commercial Driver's License.

Stuck between the two? Which position is right for you?

Learn more about each driving position, its requirements, and the training programs.


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$17.50/hour starting pay

for bus operators. $15/hour for demand-response drivers. Both positions earn raises every 6 months.

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Flexible schedules

easily balance work and school with shifts between 4 a.m. - 1 a.m. You write your own schedule!

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Paid training

at your own pace - including getting your CDL for transit coach operators!

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Experience that stands out

build skills in teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Convenient and flexible

Great pay and raises

Advancement opportunities

Find your community

join our team today!


Read why students love working for CAMBUS

Cameron poses in a bus

Cameron G., student mechanic

Working for CAMBUS has given me a sense of community and an opportunity to feel fulfilled by contributing to a great organization. The teamwork and leadership skills I’ve gained will benefit me in the future!”

Rose poses outside

Rose A., bus operator

“Working at CAMBUS has helped me find work that I really love: hands-on work that positively contributes to a community. I love getting to know the faces that ride my bus every day and know they appreciate my efforts.”

Aurora poses in a cap and gown in the drivers seat of a bus

Aurora N., transit operator trainer

“Some of the most meaningful connections I’ve ever had, both professionally and personally, are from working at CAMBUS. I also get to provide an important service to the community and work a job I truly love.”

Ben poses with a cap and gown in the entry way of a bus

Ben K., bus operator

“CAMBUS has created countless memories, introduced me to forever friend, and unveiled life-changing opportunities I truly think I’d only have gotten to experience while driving in circles around campus.”

Bri poses for a photo

Bri V., personnel supervisor

“I’ve been able to develop leadership skills, meet tons of new people, and learn all about public transportation. CAMBUS helped me feel like I had a place at Iowa, and I’m giving back to our community through my work”

Janelle poses for a photo in front of the old capitol building

Janelle H., scheduling assistant

“Working at CAMBUS has contributed to my success as a student. It has provided me opportunities to grow and develop important skills I’ll use in the real world.”

“At CAMBUS, I learned how to communicate effectively, problem-solve, lead, and help make community-oriented decisions. I also made long-lasting connections with people who made college a more fun and easy experience.”

- Michaela D., bus operator 

“Deciding to work for CAMBUS my freshman year was the best decision I made in college. I’ve made life-long friends and memories and had numerous career opportunities available thank to my time at CAMBUS.”

- Mason Z., student mechanic

“My favorite part of CAMBUS has been my co-workers and the positive energy we bring each other. This job also built my confidence in being able to stay calm under high pressure situations.”

- Jocelynn T., dispatcher 

"Working at CAMBUS will change your life.  I met my closest friends, discovered my passions, and learned more than any class could ever teach me." 

- Bryan M., dispatch and bionic supervisor

“Deciding to work at CAMBUS has been one of the highlights of my time at Iowa. It’s brought a great community of friends and coworkers, and helped me grow in leadership, time management, and my confidence.”

- Grace E., dispatcher 

"Working for CAMBUS sometimes doesn't even feel like a job - you work with great people and it has an extremely enjoyable atmosphere, plus all the flexibility you need as a student."

- Olivia G., driver

Apply today

Applying to CAMBUS is easy. Follow one of the two steps below to submit your application. 

  1. Utilize any of the "Apply Today" buttons on this page to access the online application.
  2. A downloadable PDF application is available. Simply print, fill out, and drop off at West Campus Transportation Center. To request a PDF application, please contact us at

Applicant information

All applicants are subject to a driving record check.  CAMBUS participates in federally mandated drug and alcohol screening.

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