Parking & Transportation manages over 16,000 spaces in a combination of parking ramps, gated surface lots and open surface lots. To find lot options, stall types by lot, and other information about parking facilities on campus please use the links below.

Public parking facilities

Public parking facilities are a combination of parking ramps and gated surface lots and run 24 hours a day, except on university holidays. Most of the public parking facilities on campus are mixed use, serving a combination of assigned permit and public parking. To see all parking options on campus, visit the Parking Map and Public Parking Availability.

Users must either use their lot specific permit or pull a ticket and pay visitor parking rates. See parking rates on the rates page. Credit cards and cash payments are accepted at all locations, though some exit lanes only accept credit cards.

Refund requests due to malfunctioning equipment or other unique circumstance require proof of payment / receipt and submittal of the Parking Refund Request form. A photo of your receipt can be uploaded with the form.

Please refer to the hours of operation, applicable rates, payment methods and additional facility details using the links below.

Not sure what's available?

Real-time parking capacities

photo showing entrance to Dental Patient and Visitors lot

Dental Patients and Visitors Lot

10 Elliott Drive

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photo showing entrance to Family Care Center

Family Care Center

610 Melrose Avenue

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brick building with parking gates with glass staircase

Field House Lot

305 South Grand Avenue

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entrance to Hillcrest Lot

Hillcrest Lot

15 Byington Road

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image showing Hospital Parking Ramp #1 entrance and exit

Hospital Parking Ramp 1

230 Hawkins Drive

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photo showing entrance to Hospital Parking Ramp #2

Hospital Parking Ramp 2

150 Hawkins Drive

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photo showing entrance to Hospital Parking Ramp #3

Hospital Parking Ramp 3

800 Evashevski Drive

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photo showing Hospital Parking Ramp #4

Hospital Parking Ramp 4

39 For The Kids Way

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photo showing entrance to Iowa Memorial Union Ramp

Iowa Memorial Union Ramp

120 North Madison Street

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photo showing entrance and exit of Library Lot

Library Lot

123 Museum Drive

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photo showing entrance and exit of Newton Road Ramp

Newton Road Ramp

360 Newton Road

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photo showing entrance and exit of North Campus Ramp

North Campus Ramp

340 North Madison Street

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photo showing an entrance and exit to Recreation Center Lot

Recreation Center Lot

500 South Madison Street

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Entrance to Stanley Museum of Art parking

Stanley Ramp

160 West Burlington Street

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Entrance of Lot 14

Parking Lot 14

350 Melrose Ave

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City of Iowa City public parking

The University leases limited space for employee use in Iowa City facilities. Visit the Iowa City parking page for more information on the following ramps or lots.

  • Dubuque Street Ramp, Lot 72
  • Court Street Transportation Center, Lot 12
  • Capitol Street Ramp, Lot 62
  • Tower Place and Parking, Lot 92

Offsite Facilities

The University of Iowa and University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics maintain facilities offsite of the main campus in Iowa City.  Parking and Transportation manages some parking and provides transportation options where possible for several of these facilities listed below.  View complete details of offsite facilities parking and transportation.  

  • Health Care Support Services Building (HSSB)
  • Integrated Services Center (ISC)
  • IRL West Ramp
  • Intermodal Facility Ramp

Surface Lots

Surface lots on campus primarily serve employee and some student parking. The majority of lots are open while some smaller lots are gated to protect space. Surface lot rates vary by location and can be found on the rates page. Surface lot numbers, location and hours of enforcement can be found on the Parking Map. All surface lots have signs posted at the entrances for lot type and enforcement hours.

For our largest surface commuter lots serving many of our customers, see additional facility details using the links below.

Finkbine Commuter Lot

Lot 65

201 Finkbine Commuter Drive

See Details

Hancher Commuter Lot

Lot 55

300 North Riverside Drive

See Details

Hawkeye Commuter and Storage Lot

Lots 85 and 39

3350 Hawkeye Park Road

See Details

University Club Lot

Lot 73

1360 Melrose Avenue

Parking Lot 73 details

Accessible parking

Accessible parking spaces are provided in all facility types including ramps, surface lots and meters. Accessible parking locations are shown on the Parking Map. All accessible spaces are striped with blue paint and display ADA Reserved Parking signage with fines listed. Use of these spaces requires a state issued disability parking permit or a disability license plate.

Visitors to campus can use the accessible parking spaces located in public parking facilities and most ADA meters. Most accessible parking spaces in employee parking lots are reserved for employee use only during business hours. More information about accessible parking and permits can be found on the Accessible Parking page and in the Parking & Transportation Regulations.

Meters and mobile payment zones

ParkMobile is the current University and City of Iowa City mobile payment app for parking. Detailed information about mobile payment zones can be found on the mobile payment zone page.  

Loading zones

Loading zones are provided throughout campus to provide convenient, high turnover and quick loading near campus facilities. All loading zones are signed with the amount of time allowed. In high use areas that are frequently used for special events, loading zone meters are used to track time. Users must push the button on the meter to start their loading zone session. More information about loading zones can be found in the Parking & Transportation Regulations.

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are available in some University of Iowa parking facilities. See the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging page for more information.

Motorcycle parking

For the purposes of university parking policy, motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds are categorized and referred to as motorcycles. Motorcycles with valid University permits are able to park in any University motorcycle lot on campus. If the motorcycle stalls are full, the permit holder must go to another motorcycle lot with available space. See for motorcycle parking page for more information.

Snow removal

University of Iowa Parking and Transportation is committed to providing a safe and accessible campus during inclement weather. Parking and transportation provides 24-hour coverage with three regular work shifts to assure a prompt response to winter weather. For more information see the Snow Removal page.    

Assistance in parking facilities

Need a map? See the Parking Map. Curious about parking costs? See the rates page. Malfunctioning parking equipment / door / light out or other parking facility issue? Call Parking Dispatch at 319-335-8312. Elevator problems? Call FM@YourService. Lot full? Please call our office at 319-335-1475 and let us know, then park in the next closest non-gated lot.