Current permit holders who want to share the driving with other employees or students can exchange their parking permit for a carpool arrangement.  The carpool arrangement allows only one vehicle to park during the day, but everyone can reduce the wear and tear on their vehicle by rotating who drives.    

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How Student Carpool Permits Work

Commuting students who already have an established carpool can register for a commuter parking permit in MyUI (click on 'Student Information' and navigate to 'My Parking' under 'My UIOWA'). They should indicate their desire for a carpool permit when they are completing the online registration.  Carpool permits are applicable to those who park in Hancher and Finkbine.  

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How Employee Carpool Permits Work

Employees who want to form a carpool should identify the primary permit holder who will maintain the carpool permit. Carpool permits are simply converted from the primary employee’s existing permit, using the same lot the primary employee is already assigned to. Carpool members cannot maintain another parking permit while assigned to a carpool, though standard rate U-PASS and vanpool are allowed.

Due to the introduction of virtual permits and License Plate Recognition, the primary permit holder and their carpool members will be issued a single shared virtual permit. All carpool member license plates must be added to the permit. All vehicles that will be rotated or driven to campus should be added to the permit. The carpool arrangement allows only one vehicle to park during the day in the assigned carpool lot. For gated lots, only the primary permit holder’s access card will work in the assigned lot.

The primary permit holder retains rights to the permit and pays the permit fee. The rates are the same as those for the original qualifying permits. All fees and fines are to be paid by the original permit holder. Cost-sharing, if any, is the responsibility of the permit holder and the carpool members. All carpool members will get a parking access card with free Night and Weekend privileges.

If you would like to form a carpool, complete the Carpool Permit Request Form and submit to the Parking and Transportation office. After a quick review, the primary permit holder will be contacted to update their permit. Carpool members will also be notified of their inclusion into the program in addition to being mailed an access card for Night and Weekend privileges.

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Departmental Business Placards

Departmental Business Placards (DBP) are valid when used in conjunction with an appropriate Carpool Permit.  DBP’s are valid when used with a Ramp Reserved or a Surface Reserved (Rate A) Carpool permit but are NOT valid with a Surface Reserved (Rate B) or Commuter Lot Carpool permit.  


Please contact or call 319-353-5770 with permit questions or concerns.