Fare Free Iowa City - Beginning Aug. 1, 2023, Iowa City Transit will provide fare free rides for at least the next two years during the Fare Free Iowa City pilot. During the fare free pilot program, the UPASS program for Iowa City Transit will be suspended. The UPASS program for Coralville Transit will continue with no changes. 

The University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Department offers discounted 10 ride bus passes for University faculty, staff and students to use on Coralville Transit buses. The University of Iowa Parking and Transportation Department will further reduce the cost of the bus pass and sell it at the discounted rate if the UI faculty, staff or student meets specific requirements (see below for details and exceptions). For those UI faculty, staff and students who do not meet the requirements, the bus pass may be purchased at the standard rate.

Purchase of this bus pass does not qualify you to use the Emergency Ride Home Program.

To keep current on routes and schedules, please visit pages for Iowa City Transit and Coralville Transit.  

For real-time bus information, check out the Transit App.  


Program Description

  • The bus pass is a magnetic-striped card, valid for 10 rides, which can be used at any time during the life of the card.
  • The bus pass is inserted into a card reader on the bus which verifies the validity of the bus pass.
  • The card reader deducts one ride each time the bus pass is used.
  • The date of each ride is printed on the back of the bus pass every time the pass is used.

Program Eligibility

  • Must be UI faculty or staff (permanent or temporary and any % of time employment).
  • May not have a Commuter, Hancher or Arena Lot, Surface Reserved, Ramp Reserved, or Physicians parking permit, a van pool assignment or a UI Faculty/Staff U-Pass.
  • May have a SSB permit, motorcycle, surface night, reserved night and/or Night & Weekend (NW) permit.

  • Must be a currently registered UI student.
  • May not have a Commuter, Hancher Lot, Surface Reserved or Ramp Reserved, or a UI Student Semester bus pass.
  • May have a NW, Mayflower, Parklawn, Storage, and/or motorcycle parking permit.
Persons with disabilities: if they do not meet the above requirements, they will be considered on an individual basis for purchasing the pass at the discounted rate.


Replacement Procedure

Damaged or expired bus passes may be replaced if the bus pass is brought to UI Parking and Transportation and the number of rides used can be determined. The cost of the replacement bus pass equals the cost of the rides used.


  • Cash, credit card, University billing and University payroll deduction (when available) are accepted.
  • Only one bus pass may be purchased at a time.
  • UI faculty, staff and students who do not meet the eligibility requirements, may purchase the bus pass at the standard rate and must abide by the payment policies.
  • Lost or stolen bus passes will not be refunded or replaced, but should be reported to UI Parking and Transportation in order to deactivate the bus pass.
  • Bus passes may be picked up at the Parking Services office located at the West Campus Transportation Center.

10 Ride Bus Pass Price Schedule