Fare Free Iowa City - Beginning Aug. 1, 2023, Iowa City Transit will provide fare free rides for at least the next two years during the Fare Free Iowa City pilot. During the fare free pilot program, the UPASS program for Iowa City Transit will be suspended. The UPASS program for Coralville Transit will continue with no changes. 

Enjoy cost savings and let someone else do the driving. Get unlimited rides on Coralville Transit with a non-expiring U-PASS sponsored by UI Parking and Transportation.

Don’t delay, get your U-PASS today and start receiving the benefits.

For your convenience order your Student U-PASS through MyUI. Click on Student Information and My Parking under My UIOWA. Passes may be picked up at the West Campus Transportation Center.

To keep current on routes and schedules, please visit pages for Iowa City Transit and Coralville Transit.  

For real-time bus information, check out the Transit App.  

About your U-PASS

  • Provides you with unlimited rides throughout the year on Coralville Transit. Only one pass per student.
  • May be purchased at the discounted rate if you don't have a daytime parking permit (except motorcycle permit); standard rate applies if you do.
  • Valid June 1-May 31. If you no longer need it or are no longer a University student during this period, simply return it to Parking Services for cancellation.
  • Payment for pass is billed by semester. You may be billed up to three times if you have the pass for the entire year; once at the original purchase time if ordered in the summer, then you will be billed again on August 1, and January 1. 
  • For short-term needs, other options include purchasing 31 day passes directly from Coralville Transit.

The Details

  • Available to currently registered University of Iowa students; including graduate, teaching and research assistants. Students who are also full-time UI Faculty or Staff are not eligible for the Student U-PASS, but may purchase a Faculty & Staff U-PASS.
  • Your U-PASS is for your use only and cannot be transferred or sold. Fraudulent use or transfer of U-PASSes may result in confiscation, revocation of transit passes and other privileges.
  • U-PASS must be returned to Parking Services if you want to cancel before May 31. If U-PASS is active at any time from the 1st to the last day of a month, payment for the month is required.
  • Standard rate applies for every month a daytime permit (except motorcycle) is active.
  • Take care of your U-PASS. If your U-PASS is lost, stolen or damaged, contact Parking Services to complete a report and request a new pass. Replacement fees apply.
  • The terms and conditions of the U-PASS are subject to change.