Last update: July 27, 2022

Parking permits and policies have been established to assist the Department of Athletics to conduct practices and training. Options are available for student athletes, coaching staff, departmental administration, and staff working in Carver Hawkeye Arena. Parking and Transportation reserves the right to revise and / or terminate the programs at any time. Details of each program are listed below.


Department of Athletics Parking Policy


Athletic parking permits were established to help students while working or attending practice and/or training in adjacent facilities. The Athletic Department pays a portion (currently paying half the cost) of the permit and the student athlete is responsible for the remainder of the charge. The Athletic Compliance Department supplies Parking & Transportation Department a list of eligible athletes who qualify for the discounted program.


  • Permits are sold on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Students living in university residence halls and housing are not eligible. 
  • Students having permits for Hawkeye Storage or Commuter Parking (Lots 55, 65, 85) are not eligible.
  • AM/PM Permits are valid only for time printed on the permit. If used outside times allowed, student is required to pay hourly fee.
  • If you have an all‐day or Arena parking permit you are not eligible for any other permit.
  • Permit does not guarantee a parking place.
Student Athlete Permit Locations
permit type locations
All Day Permit Recreation Building, Carver Hawkeye Arena, Field House Lot, Recreation Center
Lot 75 - Arena Lot Arena Parking Lot (Lot 75)
AM only  Recreation Building
PM only  Recreation Building

The Carver Hawkeye Arena Parking Lot is a parking lot that is administratively divided into two separate facilities for purposes of employee parking assignments: Parking Lot 46 and Parking Lot 47. The rate charged is Surface Reserved A. The CHA parking meters are a separate facility within the site and are not counted as part of Carver Hawkeye Arena Parking Lot.

Parking Lot 46 will function as a standard Faculty/Staff lot with assignments governed by the University of Iowa Parking and Transportation employee parking assignment policies. Faculty and staff will each have a separate waiting list and assignments will be made on an alternating basis from these lists as vacancies occur. Exceptions may be made according to policy and practice. Employees with a primary work location of Carver‐Hawkeye Arena are not eligible for an assignment to Parking Lot 46.

Parking Lot 47 will exclusively serve full‐time employees working in CHA. Assignments will be drawn from two waiting lists. One list will be drawn from employees with job classifications of PSA 2 and 3, PSC 1 and 2, PBF7, PMP4 and PNC3. Generally these classifications represent head and assistant coaches and senior administrative staff including the Director of Athletics and that position’s direct reports. The other list will be made up of all other full‐time employees working out of CHA.  

Dual assignments will be handled accordance with university policy and procedures. Assignments will be made on an alternating basis. If or when multiple consecutive assignments are made from one list (as in replacing a coaching staff), Parking and Transportation will work to balance assignments from each list.


This policy was established to aid Intercollegiate Athletics in providing parking access for their full and assistant coaches only, it’s not intended for their full range of staff. This permit will allow for full or assistant coaches to receive a parking assignment in Parking Lots 6, 11, 43, 47, or 35. Dual parking assignments will be considered by the Parking and Transportation Department for coaches needing access to both Parking Lots 35 and 46, 11 and 47, or 6 and 47.

Full and assistant athletic coaches also have the ability to get an assignment in Finkbine Commuter Parking Lot (Lot 65).

Permits are equally available to both Men’s and Women’s Athletics.   


  • Full or assistant athletic coaches with rank code of PSC1 or PSC2.
  • Assistant Athletic coaches must not have any other parking assignment.


  • Full/assistant coach submits a parking application form to the Parking Services office.
  • The parking permit must be pre‐paid in full or payroll deducted.
  • Parking and Transportation Department makes the assignment and immediately issues that parking permit.
  • Requests for dual parking to the above‐mentioned lots should be submitted by the Athletic Department Administrative Office to the Director of Parking and Transportation.