CAMBUS announces new demand-response driver student position

University of Iowa CAMBUS will begin hiring this month for demand-response drivers (DRD), a new student position. The new DRD position will operate minibus vehicles in the CAMBUS fleet and will provide service for Bionic and on-demand services. Creating this position will help CAMBUS to more quickly fill gaps in its staff and better meet the growing number of rides on Bionic service. 

Students hired for the DRD position will not require the training and licensing to earn a commercial driver’s license (CDL) because they will only operate non-CDL vehicles. Training will take about three weeks compared to the eight weeks for the transit coach operator position that requires CDL licensing.  

The position will begin at $15 per hour and, like all CAMBUS student positions, students will be eligible for pay increases every six months. CAMBUS will start by hiring up to 10 demand-response drivers. 

“Being able to expand our employment options because of these minibus vehicles is a great opportunity for us,” says Brian McClatchey. 

Students hired for the DRD position will complete a training program appropriate to the vehicle and services they will be providing. The training program will include many components of the department’s bus operator training program such as defensive driving skills, emergency management, and ADA sensitivity training. 

“This position will help us to more quickly hire and train drivers for these important services,” says Mia Brunelli. “We hope it also will be a steppingstone for students to become transit coach operators – especially those maybe intimated by the full-size buses.” 

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CAMBUS is the University of Iowa’s student operated, no fare public transit system that provides fixed-route service throughout campus and demand-response paratransit services for qualifying persons. CAMBUS works in collaboration with other Parking and Transportation Department units to provide and support access and mobility for students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors. For more information about our services visit or call (319) 335-8633.