CAMBUS student employees pose in front of a bus at the 2024 state roadeo

CAMBUS earns multiple awards at state public transit conference and bus roadeo

Iowa Public Transit Association Conference 

CAMBUS staff attended the annual IPTA state conference and bus roadeo June 5 – 8 in Ames hosted by CyRide. The conference provides an opportunity for public transportation leaders to connect and attend various training sessions.

CAMBUS earned recognition at the conference: 

  • Award of Recognition by the Federal Transit Administration Region 7

  • Certificate of Recognition for “Best Large Urban Transit System” in Iowa by the Iowa DOT 

  • Certificate of Appreciation for CAMBUS Manager Brian McClatchey 

  • Driver of the Year recognition for CAMBUS driver AbiJo Peet 

The FTA and Iowa DOT awards were in recognition of key performance metrics, including overall ridership, ridership per capita, and operating costs. Brian McClatchey was also recognized for over 20 years of service on the IPTA Board, including as President and Urban Vice President. 

State bus roadeo driving competition 

On Saturday, June 8, CAMBUS participated in IPTA’s State Bus Roadeo. Bus operators across Iowa competed in large bus and mini-bus courses, hosted by CyRide in Ames. 

Drivers across both the large bus and mini-bus divisions compete in a 10-part obstacle course where they are scored on obstacle avoidance, smoothness, safety, and overall time. Drivers competing in the large bus competition also compete in a timed event to identify planted defects on a bus. Mini-bus competition drivers also compete in a timed event to safely secure a passenger in a wheelchair.  

CAMBUS drivers Desmond Drischell, Miguel Jacobo and Michael Souhrada competed in the large bus division, with Souhrada securing third place among a field of 9 drivers from CAMBUS, CyRide, and DART. This marks the second year in a row that Souhrada placed at the state level competition. 

Souhrada has been driving for CAMBUS since 2020 and made his debut appearance at the state roadeo in 2023, where he also placed third. CAMBUS drivers competed against drivers with over twice as many years of driving experience.  

Michael Souhrada poses with 2024 roadeo award

CAMBUS driver Michael Souhrada (right)

Large bus results

  1. Brian Grootveld (CyRide) 

  2. Paul Klimesh (CyRide) 

  3. Michael Souhrada (CAMBUS) 

Thank you, volunteers

The state bus roadeo is a large event with competitors and spectators from across the state. Over 30 volunteers helped make the event a success, including full-time and student staff at CAMBUS. 

volunteers at the 2024 state bus roadeo
a bus at the 2024 state bus roadeo
placewinners at the 2024 state bus roadeo
volunteer at the 2024 state bus roadeo
volunteers at the 2024 state bus roadeo
volunteer at the 2024 state bus roadeo