CAMBUS scholarship awarded to recipients for fall 2023

CAMBUS Scholarships have been awarded to five student employees for the fall 2023 semester. Many deserving and well-qualified CAMBUS student employees submitted applications for academic scholarships. After the review of all fall 2023 applicants, the following student staff have been awarded scholarships:   

Trinity Coleman, trainer
Ryan Danker, dispatcher 
Rachel Larsen, student mechanic
Matt Mathew, student maintenance supervisor 
Jarrett West, student mechanic

The CAMBUS Scholarship program, established in 2020, awards scholarships to CAMBUS student employees who have made positive contributions to CAMBUS and in service to the university community. Candidates are selected based upon their work record and written responses in an application. 

Fall 2023 scholarship recipients

Supervisor Trinity Coleman, Fall 2023 CAMBUS scholarship recipient

Trinity Coleman, trainer

Course of study: Nursing
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Through CAMBUS, I have been able to meet many people that I otherwise would not have met. I have made many friends with the amazing people I get to work with, and I appreciate all the wonderful people who make up CAMBUS. I have learned many important life lessons through this job, and it has helped me develop into a better person. I have developed skills that help me in my education, but that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"The CAMBUS team is made up of some of the hardest working people you will ever meet, and I am so grateful to be receiving this scholarship.  I am so grateful for the financial support that will help further my education. I especially want to thank the selection committee for choosing me, and those who donated to make this scholarship possible."

Herky waving as he leans out of the CAMBUS door

Ryan Danker, dispatcher

Course of study: Accounting
Hometown: Treynor, IA

“ Working for CAMBUS has made me a more well rounded person. Working with all of my
coworkers has been a blast and has helped me see different perspectives!”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"It means a lot to me to be selected as a recipient of this award! Knowing that not many
people have received this award makes it all the more special."

Student mechanic Rachel Larsen, Fall 2023 CAMBUS scholarship recipient

Rachel Larsen, student mechanic

Course of study: Human Resource Management
Hometown: Muscatine, IA

When you have a university job, you automatically share something in common with all of your coworkers. A lot of the time, if we’re not talking about work, we are talking about the classes we are taking. This opens the door for more outside-of-work friendships, which has made being a University of Iowa student and a CAMBUS employee so much more than I ever thought it would be.” 

What does it mean to be selected for this award? 

"Being selected for the CAMBUS scholarship validates that the countless hours I have put into this job is reciprocated. It has enabled me to appreciate what an amazing organization CAMBUS is."

Student maintenance supervisor Matt Matthew, Fall 2023 CAMBUS scholarship recipient

Matt Mathew, student maintenance supervisor

Course of study: Health Science (Interdepartmental Studies)
Hometown: Oswego, IL

CAMBUS has taught me skills in areas, like leadership and critical thinking, that I can use throughout my lifetime. It has also gifted me with life-long friends who have become family to me over the years.

Working at CAMBUS was something I never envisioned when coming to the University of Iowa. But, ever since working here, I’ve been thankful enough to be a part of many other University related activities thanks to CAMBUS. It’s a great opportunity to experience these types of events and to be involved.

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"Receiving this scholarship is an honor. It goes to show that my hard work and dedication to the organization as a student employee isn’t going unnoticed."

Student mechanic Jarett West, Fall 2023 CAMBUS scholarship recipient

Jarrett West, student mechanic

Course of study: B.A. Music Education and B.M. Vocal Performance
Hometown: Montrose, IA

CAMBUS has made me a punctual leader. It has made me a much more organized person. I have gained skills and experiences to help me in my future here.

This job has helped me pay for rent, groceries, and school. Without this job, I’m not sure how I could have made it this far. It has given me friends, memories, and skills that have shaped me and will last longer than my time here.

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"It is an honor to receive this scholarship. I feel recognized for my hard work. I feel appreciative that I will have less of a financial burden this fall semester."

About the CAMBUS Scholarship

About the CAMBUS scholarship  

The CAMBUS scholarship program was established by Doug Couto, who graduated from UI Tippie College of Business in 1972, and is also a CAMBUS alum. While in the residence halls at Iowa, Couto and a few friends started a voluntary busing service from the west residence halls over to main campus. UI President Sandy Boyd heard of this project and officially funded it as a university program in 1972. After a student naming contest, the name “CAMBUS” was chosen for the system. Couto worked in transportation after graduating from Iowa and dedicated his philanthropy to establishing the CAMBUS Scholarship at the University of Iowa.  

How can I support?

Scholarships are awarded thanks to generous donors