Have a parking permit?  Want to share the driving?  Turn your parking permit into a carpool arrangement.  

Current permit holders who want to share the driving with another University faculty/staff or student, can exchange their parking permit for a carpool arrangement.  The permit holder still retains rights to their permit and pays the permit fee, however, now the people they carpool with can take turns driving in the carpool.  The carpool arrangement still only allows one vehicle to use the permit to park during the day in the assigned lot, but everyone can reduce the wear and tear on their vehicle by rotating who drives.  Plus, everyone will get FREE Night and Weekend privileges! 

Please be aware that the carpool leader is the paying permit holder. The carpool can only list a total of 3 vehicles. If you are interested in setting up a carpool permit please complete the form below.

Parking and Transportation will notify you once the carpool is completed in our system.  

Please check the box agreeing that all members of the carpool are aware of the rules and regulations.