Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations are available to University of Iowa patrons for “top-off” charging. Effective fall 2022, six campus locations will provide sixteen Level 2 charging spaces. All campus stations are part of the ChargePoint Network.

Charging Details

All units on campus are Level 2 charging and provided by ChargePoint. Use of the charging stations requires the ChargePoint app. Charging stations are all dual port and can serve two vehicles at one time

See ChargePoint for information about the app, account registration, and EV charging station details.  

Campus EV Charging Locations

Parking and Transportation provides EV charging at the following campus locations, also shown on the Parking Map:   

Campus EV Charging Locations
location / lot name lot # # EV Stalls updates

Hospital Parking Ramp 3

80 2  
Hospital Parking Ramp 2 70   2 stalls coming spring 2023
Newton Road Ramp 10 2 expanding to 6 stalls in spring 2023
North Campus Ramp 20 2  
Hancher Commuter / Theatre Lot 55   4 stalls coming spring 2023
Pappajohn Business Building Ramp 21 2 Lot 21 permit only use during business hours
Stanley Art Museum Ramp 63   2 stalls coming spring 2023


To find more EV charging stations beyond campus, check out these apps:

EV Charging Station Use Regulations

Charging stations are provided on a first come, first serve basis. The EV charging station stalls are limited to four (4) hours of use. Charging an electric vehicle is free at this time, but customers are required to pay the applicable hourly facility parking fees.   

Fleet Vehicle Charging

University departments should coordinate with Fleet Services to determine EV vehicle selections and verify existing or planned EV charging stations. Parking and Transportation is committed to providing EV charging for both public and fleet vehicles, mostly at the same stations if possible. Existing EV charging sites will be evaluated and may be adjusted as needed to meet campus needs. 

Fleet vehicles can also use the existing EV charging installation south of the Madison Street solar panels. 


Parking and Transportation will continue to monitor industry trends and campus needs in order to inform expansion. EV charging may be expanded over time and as infrastructure and funding allows. Suggestions for EV charging locations can be submitted to parking-office@uiowa.edu.