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Yes, you can change or cancel your reservation by calling our office at (319) 384-0564. Remember, a cancellation requires 2 hours notice to avoid a charge.

Yes, you can drive a rental vehicle with a valid out-of-state driver’s license. Employees should submit pre-approval documentation to Risk Management prior to taking a vehicle and confirm their driving record complies with fleet safety requirements. Non-employee students must submit their request for a driver’s license check request through the Driver's License Review System.   Non-employee students will not be allowed to drive until their motor vehicle record has been reviewed.

No, International driver’s licenses are not accepted. Puerto Rico and other US territories are considered international and cannot be accepted.

University vehicles may not be taken into Mexico or Canada without the prior approval of Risk Management. They need to know about your trip to address insurance concerns.

No, rental vehicle are for business use only. Family and friends traveling on University business may ride in the vehicle, but no personal use is permitted.

No personal use of University vehicles is allowed.  This includes taking a vehicle home at night to start a business trip the following morning.  University vehicles must be parked overnight in University parking facilities.  If there is a business need to keep a vehicle at a personal residence, prior written approval to Fleet Services by the unit’s Dean or Vice President is required.

Yes. Fleet Services will provide 1 parking permit per reservation to park in a lot near the Fleet Services building.

Sure, that is not a problem at all.  Just call our office and let us know the new time you would like to pick up your vehicle.  We’ll make sure the vehicle is available then and confirm that your new pick up time has been accepted. 

Fleet Services allows an exception to the 24-hour rental charge on weekends and holidays. When making a reservation, make a notation in the comments field of the requisition of the day and time you will actually be leaving and we will begin charges at that time. Keys may be picked up on Friday after 5pm, but charges will not begin until the time you actually use the vehicle.

Fleet Services is open Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm.  You can pick up your vehicle as early as 7am and as late at 6:00 pm M-F.

Rentals are billed based on a 24-hour clock. If you return the rental within 24 hours or less, you will be charged for one day. Fleet Services allows a grace period of 1 hour. The 26th hour will be billed at 1/3 of the daily rate, the 27th hour will be billed at 2/3 of the daily rate. Subsequent hours will result in a full day charge. For example, if you check out a vehicle at 8am on Monday and return the vehicle at 4pm on Tuesday, you will be charged 2 rental days. Another example would be if you checked out a vehicle at 8am on Monday and returned it at 10am on Tuesday, you would be charged 1.33 rental days.

Generally, rental charges begin when you pick up the keys and paperwork from Fleet Services. However, Fleet Services reserves the right to begin charges at your requested pick-up time. Charges stop when you return the keys, paperwork, and vehicle to Fleet Services. If you return the vehicle outside of regular working hours, fill out the return reservation slip with the ending mileage, return date, return time and drop it in the after-hours drop box.

A rental must be used for a minimum of three calendar months in order to be eligible for the monthly rate. If you intend to use the vehicle for 3 months or more, do not use the workflow system for your reservation. Instead fill out the Short/Long Term Vehicle Request form on the Assigned Vehicles page.  

Yes, the rental vehicle from Fleet Services has a full tank of gas when you pick it up. A fuel card is provided for your use to fuel while traveling. Charges for those purchases are invoiced to Fleet Services; there is no additional fuel charge.

Fleet Services provides a fuel card with each rental/fleet vehicle. When purchasing fuel, you will be asked for a PIN or Driver ID number. That number is 4, followed by the last four digits of the vehicle license number, followed by a 5. For example, if you are driving vehicle 8665, you would enter 486655 as the PIN. Another example would be vehicle 10285, you would enter 402855.

Yes, however, Fleet Services provides full maintenance and fuel purchasing options so you should not need to pay for anything personally. In the unlikely event that you do pay for fuel or maintenance, turn in your paid receipt along with pertinent information to Fleet Services for reimbursement.

No. Fleet Services purchases fuel well below retail prices you see locally, therefore, there is no problem returning the vehicle with a low fuel level.

At this time, E85 cannot be purchased directly from Fleet Services. However, Fleet Services can provide you with a list of fuel providers where E85 can be purchased.

Yes. Fleet Services has contracted with ARI to provide roadside assistance. If you experience mechanical problems, lock the keys in the vehicle, or lose the keys, contact either Fleet Services or the vendor (at the number listed on the back of the card) for help.

Fleet Services and the Department of Risk Management review driving records to ensure that all drivers meet established safety criteria. Please refer to Section E of the University Driving Policy to review the minimum driving standards.

The driving standards can be found at the University Driving Policy website.