Instructions for Using the Online Defensive Driving and 15-Passenger Training

  1. In order for the Driver to access the training system, the Requestor must submit an Interdepartmental Requisition and the Online Driver Participant Form that includes a list of the people who need the training to drive on behalf of the University. All on-line training courses are $8.00 per person.  
  2. Once the Requestor has submitted the requisition and the participant list, the driver will receive an email from the training vendor with their username, password and instructions on how to take the training.
  3. Once the Driver has successfully completed the training, it will be recorded in the Fleet Services database.  Driver’s will have 120 days to complete the course upon registration.  After 120 days the driver’s registration will be cancelled and the driver will need to be re-enrolled, incurring a new registration charge.

Please send the completed Interdepartmental Requisition and Driver Participant Form in one of the following ways:

  • Campus Mail: 100 FS
  • Fax: (319) 335-5865