If you have lost your U-PASS, parking access card or a physical parking permit, please complete this form. 

Once this form is processed, customers will need to pick up replacements in the Parking Office or please notify the Parking Office if you do not want a replacement.

University Affiliation

Lost Item

I Agree to pay the $20 replacement cost (if applicable), and will return lost Bus Pass, if found, to Parking Office as soon as possible.  If a replacement is needed, payment must be made by cash, check, or credit card. You can make payment and pick up your new pass or permit at our office at WCTC. Please contact the parking office via email at parking-office@uiowa.edu to complete this transaction. All permit and U-PASS fees are valid until this is complete.
I understand that any vehicle displaying a lost/stolen/destroyed placard or using an access card without a proper permit makes the vehicle’s owner subject to criminal sanctions (Theft by Deception under Code of Iowa) and possible revocation of parking privileges for all parties, subject to Parking Department review.