CAMBUS recognizes five recipients of the CAMBUS Scholarship for fall 2022  

Thursday, July 14, 2022

CAMBUS Scholarships have been awarded to five student employees for the fall 2022 semester. Many deserving and well-qualified CAMBUS student employees submitted applications for academic scholarships. After the review of all fall 2022 applicants, the following student staff have been awarded scholarships:  

Kristina Dibert, student mechanic 
Alyson Holevoet, personnel supervisor   
Miguel Jacobo, driver   
Jacob Pingel, bionic driver   
Darshaun Smith, dispatch and bionic supervisor   

The CAMBUS Scholarship program, established in 2020, awards scholarships to CAMBUS student employees who have made positive contributions to CAMBUS and in service to the university community. Candidates are selected based upon their work record and written responses in an application. 

Recognizing the recipients

Kristina Dibert

Kristina Dilbert

Course of study: Pharmacy 
CAMBUS experience: Driver October 2020 | Student Mechanic July 2021 

“Working at CAMBUS has brought me a sense of belonging. I have gained so many friends, and after being promoted to student mechanic, I have gained new experiences that will carry over into the “real world” after I graduate.” 

“The scholarship means I'm making a difference at CAMBUS, and people have noticed. It is a rewarding feeling to know the efforts I put in behind the scenes are paying off.” 

Alyson Holevoet

Alyson Holevoet

Course of study: Ceramics and Music 
CAMBUS experience: Driver September 2019 | Dispatcher July 2021 | Personnel Supervisor October 2021

“CAMBUS has taught me a lot about confidence and leadership. After being promoted at CAMBUS, I have pursued leadership opportunities in other ways at the university. I'm the most involved I’ve ever been, and my grades are the best they’ve ever been. I attribute this to how well CAMBUS is integrated with student life.” 

“Aside from the financial benefit of this scholarship, it means a lot to me that my efforts are being recognized this way. I've always put everything I can into my job at CAMBUS and to have that acknowledged is incredibly special, and I am extremely grateful.” 

Miguel Jacobo

Miguel Jacobo

Course of study: Ethics and Public Policy 
CAMBUS experience: Driver September 2020

“Working at CAMBUS has allowed me flexibility to take part in activities on campus and pursue personal interests. I’ve also developed skills in time management, adaptability, and handling pressure. These skills are very useful to me now that I’m thinking about what I want to do after college.” 

“Receiving this scholarship greatly helps me out financially as I head into my last year of school on campus and is also an acknowledgement of the time and effort I have put in at work. CAMBUS is responsible for transporting people to and from work and class every day, and I am grateful to be a part of this organization.” 

Jacob Pingel 3

Jacob Pingel

Course of study: Biology 
CAMBUS experience: Driver November 2020 | Bionic Driver February 2022 

“I transferred to the university in the middle of the pandemic, and so working at CAMBUS provided me an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. It allowed me to feel normal at the time when the world wasn’t. If I had to go back and change anything, it would’ve been applying to CAMBUS sooner.” 

Darshaun Smith

Darshaun Smith

Course of study: Sociology and African American Studies 
CAMBUS experience: Driver November 2019 | | Dispatcher August 2021| Dispatch and Bionic Supervisor January 2022

“When I started at CAMBUS in 2019, I was fascinated that I could get paid to do one of the things I like most – driving. CAMBUS is the place where students of all backgrounds, majors, and more can come together to have a real-world impact. At CAMBUS, we’re always encouraged to try and grow, and it’s allowed me the opportunity to develop skills that can be applied to my future endeavors.” 

“This scholarship will impact my future by allowing me to focus more on my academic journey here at the University of Iowa. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities and doors that have opened for me through working here at CAMBUS. This by far is the best job I have ever had and would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to be a part of something that is bigger than one single person.” 

About the CAMBUS scholarship 

The CAMBUS scholarship program was established by Doug Couto, who graduated from UI Tippie College of Business in 1972, and is also a CAMBUS alum. While in the residence halls at Iowa, Couto and a few friends started a voluntary busing service from the west residence halls over to main campus. UI President Sandy Boyd heard of this project and officially funded it as a university program in 1972. After a student naming contest, the name “CAMBUS” was chosen for the system. Couto has worked in transportation since graduating from Iowa and has recently dedicated his philanthropy to establish the CAMBUS Scholarship at the University of Iowa.