CAMBUS scholarship awarded to recipients for spring 2023

CAMBUS Scholarships have been awarded to five student employees for the spring 2023 semester. Many deserving and well-qualified CAMBUS student employees submitted applications for academic scholarships. After the review of all spring 2023 applicants, the following student staff have been awarded scholarships:   

Rose Arrigoni, driver 
Shelby Mutter, scheduling supervisor 
Hannah Robinson, scheduling and data specialist, dispatcher 
Chen-You Wu, student mechanic 
Mason Zaker, student mechanic 

The CAMBUS Scholarship program, established in 2020, awards scholarships to CAMBUS student employees who have made positive contributions to CAMBUS and in service to the university community. Candidates are selected based upon their work record and written responses in an application. 

Spring 2023 scholarship recipients

person wearing dark grey shirt smiling with chin length blonde and purple hair

Rose Arrigoni

Course of study: English and creative writing, minor sociology and criminology
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 

“Working at CAMBUS has given me a greater appreciation for the Iowa City community and helped me build connections with other students. It has also given me an idea of what I want to do with my future – finding fulfilling work that contributes to a greater community.”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

“Getting this scholarship means a lot to me both professionally and financially. It not only helps me to finish school with a little less debt than planned, but it also represents to me that the work I do with the community really is appreciated and recognized.”

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Shelby Mutter

Course of study: Music education and clarinet performance 
Hometown: Fort Madison, Iowa

“Working at CAMBUS has helped to develop skills that will be useful as a future educator, such as punctuality, teamwork, and creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Being a leader at CAMBUS has opened my eyes to just how different everybody can be and how important it is that we carry on our tradition of diversity and inclusion.”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

I am very honored to know that I am worthy enough to be included with my peers in receiving this scholarship. It is very humbling knowing that my work is paying off, and I am extremely grateful to be chosen.

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Hannah Robinson

Course of study: Social Work 
Hometown: Ankeny, IA 

“Working at CAMBUS has not only provided me with leadership opportunities to help me build my confidence, but it has also introduced me to so many amazing people. They've shown me that it's always okay to ask questions and they're always willing to go the extra mile to help out. I've made so many new friends, and I hope to carry these friendships with me after graduation.” 

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me because it means my hard work is being recognized. I'm incredibly grateful for the extra financial support.” 

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Chen-You Wu

Course of study: Psychology and Music 
Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa

“Working at CAMBUS has given me the opportunity to develop confidence in myself and expand my leadership skills. This experience has also given me a community of friends I never would have met anywhere else.”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"Being selected for this scholarship is a huge honor, and I want to sincerely thank the selection committee. Getting this scholarship means I'm able to better achieve my dream of studying abroad, which I am doing in New Zealand this spring."

Person wearing glasses and blue CAMBUS uniform shirt stands near buses

Mason Zaker

Course of study: Marketing
Hometown: New Lenox, IL

“Starting my freshman year, Cambus allowed me to build a network of friends and coworkers. Cambus has also allowed me to build the skills necessary for real life, like my interpersonal and leadership skills. I have done everything, from lead clean-up shifts as a student mechanic to completing a Cambus diversity project for class.”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

Aside from the monetary benefit that this award greatly helps with, I think the scholarship represents all of the hard work and dedication that I've put into Cambus since I started here. I would not be the person I am without Cambus.”

About the CAMBUS Scholarship

About the CAMBUS scholarship  

The CAMBUS scholarship program was established by Doug Couto, who graduated from UI Tippie College of Business in 1972, and is also a CAMBUS alum. While in the residence halls at Iowa, Couto and a few friends started a voluntary busing service from the west residence halls over to main campus. UI President Sandy Boyd heard of this project and officially funded it as a university program in 1972. After a student naming contest, the name “CAMBUS” was chosen for the system. Couto has worked in transportation since graduating from Iowa and has recently dedicated his philanthropy to establishing the CAMBUS Scholarship at the University of Iowa.  

How can I support?

Scholarships are awarded thanks to generous donors