CAMBUS scholarship awarded to recipients for spring 2024

CAMBUS Scholarships have been awarded to five student employees for the spring 2024 semester. Many deserving and well-qualified CAMBUS student employees submitted applications for academic scholarships. After the review of all spring 2024 applicants, the following student staff have been awarded scholarships:   

Katrina Aljets, driver 
Adam Heflin, driver 
Neil Smithson, scheduling supervisor, dispatcher 
John Underwood, student mechanic 
Parker Volkman, dispatcher 

The CAMBUS Scholarship program, established in 2021, awards scholarships to CAMBUS student employees who have made positive contributions to CAMBUS and in service to the university community. Candidates are selected based upon their work record and written responses in an application. 

Spring 2024 scholarship recipients

katrina aljets scholarship photo

Katrina Aljets

Course of study: Exercise Science
Hometown: Pocahontas, IA

CAMBUS experience: Driver September 2022

“I feel that CAMBUS services are of extreme value to the University of Iowa. Without the services offered by CAMBUS, the University of Iowa would not function the way it does now. I am proud to be part of the team that keeps the campus moving!”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"Receiving this scholarship means that I am making a difference and my efforts are being seen at CAMBUS. I am very grateful to have been chosen as a recipient, and it is fulfilling to see that my hard work is paying off."

Adam Heflin scholarship photo

Adam Heflin

Course of study: Human Physiology
Hometown: Clear Lake, IA

CAMBUS experience: Driver September 2021

"My experience here at the University of Iowa has been positively impacted by my employment at CAMBUS, making my only regret not applying sooner. Working at CAMBUS has helped me improve my understanding of diverse populations, problem solving, time management, and communication skills. I firmly believe that CAMBUS has provided me with opportunities to succeed and grow as a student employee.”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"I am very grateful to be selected for the CAMBUS scholarship as it not only relieves financial stress associated with college, but also expresses appreciation for my years at CAMBUS. With the help of the CAMBUS scholarship, I can continue my education to pursue a career in the health care field."

Neil Smithson scholarship photo

Neil Smithson

Course of study: Theatre Arts 
Hometown: Ankeny, IA

CAMBUS experience: Driver November 2020 | Dispatcher February 2023 | Supervisor July 2023

"Without CAMBUS thousands of students, workers, persons with disabilities, and community members are left with little to no alternatives for travel."

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"I am very grateful to be selected for this scholarship; to have my dedication and passion for public service recognized is truly rewarding."

John Underwood scholarship photo

John Underwood

Course of study: Spanish | Pre-med 
Hometown: Keokuk, Iowa

CAMBUS experience: Driver October 2021 | Student Mechanic May 2023

"Over the past year I have been promoted to student mechanic and I have had to make the step up in order to give more of my time to my coworkers and making a safe, effective, and comfortable work environment for everybody. The promotion requires an extra 2 hours of work each week. This has resulted in a lot of time sacrificed in order to keep CAMBUS running on time to help out our community that depends on our services."

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

This scholarship means a lot to me because of the hard work that I've put into CAMBUS and will be a great way of showing my hard work to other opportunities in the future.

parker volkman scholarship photo

Parker Volkman

Course of study: Psychology

CAMBUS experience: Driver July 2022 | Dispatcher February 2023

"CAMBUS has given me an intimate community inside the much larger university. There is nothing more important to my experience as a student than connecting with others, and CAMBUS is full of wonderful, inspiring people that I get to learn from every day.”

What does it mean to be selected for this award?

"To me, being selected for this scholarship means that I have made a positive impact on CAMBUS. This work has challenged me as both a person and professional, and I am incredibly grateful to receive this recognition for my effort."

About the CAMBUS Scholarship

About the CAMBUS scholarship  

The CAMBUS scholarship program was established by Doug Couto, who graduated from UI Tippie College of Business in 1972, and is also a CAMBUS alum. While in the residence halls at Iowa, Couto and a few friends started a voluntary busing service from the west residence halls over to main campus. UI President Sandy Boyd heard of this project and officially funded it as a university program in 1972. After a student naming contest, the name “CAMBUS” was chosen for the system. Couto worked in transportation after graduating from Iowa and dedicated his philanthropy to establishing the CAMBUS Scholarship in 2021.

How can I support?

Scholarships are awarded thanks to generous donors