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CAMBUS services for NCAA tournament game on March 19

CAMBUS is providing basketball shuttle service for fans from Parking Lot 55, Hancher to Carver-Hawkeye Arena on March 19.

Pre-game shuttles begin operating 90 minutes prior to tip-off and conclude at the start of the game. Post-game shuttles begin at the conclusion of the game and operate for about 30 minutes after the game ends.

All CAMBUS services are no-fare, accessible, and open to the general public.

Shuttle Information

Contact us

Phone: 319-335-8633

Email: cambus-transit@uiowa.edu

System policies

Bus stops

For safety and reliability of service, riders may only board and exit at designated bus stops. Please do not attempt to flag down a bus.

Boarding and riding

To help our services operate efficiently, riders are asked to board at the front doors and exit at the back doors. Please remember that eating, drinking, vaping, and smoking are not allowed on CAMBUS vehicles. Please be respectful of driver instructions. If possible, ask any questions you have for the driver when you board or at a bus stop; avoid asking questions when the bus is in motion so that the driver can focus on safely operating the vehicle.

Accessibility and requesting assistance

Operators are available to provide assistance to riders including:

  • Kneeling the bus to allow for easier boarding
  • Deploying a ramp for easier boarding, or to board a mobility device
  • Providing directions and system information
  • Answering questions about CAMBUS services
  • Requesting a priority seat for a rider

Drivers anticipate when additional assistance may be needed. Sometimes the need for additional assistance is not always apparent to the driver. If you need assistance, please make a request to the driver.

All shuttles will provide service between Parking Lot 55, Hancher Parking Lot.

Pre-game shuttles

Shuttles start 90 minutes prior to tip-off and conclude at the start of the game.

In-game shuttles

CAMBUS service is provided between Carver-Hawkeye Arena and Hancher Commuter Lot during the game by routes 31 Red Route and 32 Blue Route.

Travel from to take this route
Hancher Parking Lot Carver-Hawkeye Arena 32 Blue Route
Carver-Hawkeye Arena Hancher Parking Lot 31 Red Route

View the 31 Red Route map and schedule
View the 32 Blue Route map and schedule

Post-game shuttles

Post-game shuttles begin at the conclusion of the game and run until about 30 minutes after the game ends.


Click here to view a map of Parking Lot 55, Hancher Commuter.


For more information about game day on campus, including parking, see hawkeyesports.com.