an image of all the personnel who competed in the 2023 CAMBUS roadeo

On June 3, CAMBUS drivers competed in a “bus roadeo.” The annual bus roadeo is a friendly competition amongst CAMBUS student staff to test their driving skills in a ten-part obstacle course. The obstacles test drivers in making tight maneuvers, including turns, simulating obstacles to dodge around, and backing exercises.  

Three participants qualify to compete at the state bus roadeo, where they compete against bus drivers from transit agencies across the state of Iowa. 

Three student employees, Ben Koch, Lizzie Shockley, and Michael Souhrada qualified to move on to the state competition. The University of Iowa, Coralville Transit, and Iowa City Transit will host the 2023 state bus roadeo on Saturday, June 10 in the Hancher Auditorium parking lot.

Driver Place Winners

CAMBUS roadeo drivers 2023

[image: left to right] Lizzie Shockley, Ben Koch, Miguel Jacobo

1st place

Ben Koch, driver since October 2017

2nd place

Lizzie Shockley, driver since May 2021

3rd place

Miguel Jacobo, driver since September 2020

Support Place Winners

top 3 support personnel in the 2023 CAMBUS Roadeo

[image: left to right] Michael Souhrada, Matt Matthew

1st place

Michael Souhrada, student mechanic, CAMBUS employee since February 2020

2nd place

Matt Matthew, student maintenance supervisor,  CAMBUS employee since November 2020

3rd place

Cameron McKnight, trainer, CAMBUS employee since September 2022


CAMBUS consists of 160 student employees that operate the transportation system.  All bus operator positions are held by UI students. Students may also earn promotions to positions in dispatching, training, maintenance, and supervision. The CAMBUS student teams are supported by full-time staff: two managers, two training supervisors, a maintenance supervisor, and six maintenance technicians.

CAMBUS works in collaboration with other Parking and Transportation Department units to provide and support access and mobility for students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors. For more information about our services visit the CAMBUS page or call 319-335-8633.