Routes, Schedules & Maps

Routes, Schedules & Maps

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Red Route: Central campus service (circles clockwise).  Includes WCTC/UIHC, North Hospital, Residence Halls and Pentacrest.

Schedules: Red Academic Weekday ♦  Red Academic Weekend ♦  Red Interim-Summer Red Saferide

Blue Route: Central campus service (circles counterclockwise).  Includes WCTC/UIHC, North Hospital, Residence Halls and Pentacrest.

Schedules: Blue Academic Weekday ♦  Blue Academic Weekend ♦  Blue Interim-Summer ♦  Blue Saferide

Saferide Service: Late night service.  Runs on Friday/Saturday nights only during the Academic Year.

Schedules: Red Route Saferide ♦  Blue Route Saferide

Interdorm: Serves east and west side Residence Halls (including Mayflower) and the Pentacrest.  Interdorm-Cultural & LGBTQ Resource Centers deviates to Melrose to serve Cultural & LGBTQ Resource centers.

Schedules: Interdorm Academic Weekday  ♦  Interdorm Academic Weekend ♦ Interdorm Summer Weekday

Mayflower Shuttle: Mayflower Hall to east side Residence Halls and the Pentacrest

Schedules: Mayflower Shuttle Academic Weekday

Hawkeye Interdorm: Serves Hawkeye campus, WCTC/UIHC, Residence Halls and the Pentacrest

Schedules: Hawkeye Interdorm Year-Round Weekday ♦  Hawkeye Interdorm Academic Weekend  ♦  Hawkeye Interdorm Summer Weekend

Hawkeye Express: AM/PM peak service to Hawkeye campus, Health Sciences campus via Newton Road and the Pentacrest (no service to WCTC)

Schedules: Hawkeye Express Year-Round Weekday

Pentacrest: Serves the Pentacrest, North Hospital and Finkbine/Arena Commuter Lots

Schedules: Pentacrest Year-Round Weekday

Night Pentacrest: Serves the Pentacrest, North Hospital, Finkbine/Arena Commuter Lots and WCTC/UIHC

Schedules: Night Pentacrest Year-Round Weekday

Research Park: Research Park campus to North Hospital. Downtown service arranged through transfer with Pentacrest.

Schedules: Research Park Year-Round Weekday

East Campus Shuttle: Serves the Pentacrest, Clinton Street Music, the University Services Building (USB) and Lot 11

Schedules: East Campus Shuttle Year-Round Weekday

Hospital Finkbine Arena: Serves WCTC/UIHC to Finkbine & Arena Commuter Lots

Schedules: Hospital Finkbine Arena Year-Round Weekday

North Hospital Shuttle: Serves Finkbine & Arena Commuter Lots to the VA Loop

Schedules: North Hospital Shuttle Year-Round Weekday

Hospital via Hancher: Serves North Hospital to Hancher Parking Lot

Schedules: Hospital via Hancher Academic Weekday (AM only) ♦  Hospital via Hancher Interim-Summer (AM and PM)

Hawk Lot Hospital: Weekday early morning/late afternoon express service between Hawkeye Lot and WCTC/UIHC

Schedules: Hawk Lot Hospital Year-Round Weekday

Hawkeye Hospital: Serves Hawkeye campus, North Hospital and WCTC/UIHC (no service to Residence Halls or the Pentacrest)

Schedules: Hawkeye Hospital Year-Round Weekday


Service Detail for Finkbine and Arena Commuter Lots to the West Campus Transportation Center

Service Detail for Hawkeye Commuter Lot to the West Campus Transportation Center and to the North Hospital Area


Common terms and abbreviations used above:

UIHC: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

WCTC: West Campus Transportation Center

Pentacrest: Downtown Iowa City/Old Capitol Area


Official CAMBUS time is set by the Master Clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory.