4.1 million

miles saved by UPASS
students 2016-2020




2 in 5

employees report using alternative modes

9.2 million

gallons of fuel saved

Employee Van Pool since 1978





miles saved walk + bike

estimated from 2018 employee survey

University of Iowa Parking and Transportation offers and supports several alternative modes of transportation for students, faculty, and staff.

The alternative modes provide sustainable options that help:

- Reduce carbon emissions
- Save money
- Reduce stress 
- Enhance mobility 

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Alternative Modes of Transportation


Biking and Walking

Over 430 faculty and staff reported walking as their preferred way to commute to work. Campus features many paths and pedestrian bridges. 

In 2018 alone, it is estimated faculty and staff saved over 7,148 gallons of fuel. Parking and Transportation supports cycling by offering several repair stations and about 1,040 bicycle racks.

White van parked in parking ramp with graphic stating University of Iowa Employee Van Pool

Employee Van Pool

Employee Van Pool allows Iowa faculty and staff to share a ride in a vehicle owned by the university. The program reduces single-occupancy vehicle trips to and from campus and saves members money.

In its 41-year history, the Employee Van Pool Program has reduced fuel consumption by 9.2 million gallons of fuel.

Van Pool Program
rideshare network

UI Rideshare

The UI Rideshare software helps employees and students find commuting partners who also work or study at Iowa. On average, there are 600+ users each month.

UI Rideshare

Public Transportation

CAMBUS pictured at Macbride Hall with riders waiting to board the bus.


The University of Iowa’s on-campus public transportation option. CAMBUS services are no-fare and includes ADA door-to-door paratransit services, called “Bionic Bus”.

On average, 19,000 rides are provided each academic weekday – significantly reducing the need for single occupant trips and traffic congestion. The entire transit bus fleet as of January 2020 has clean-diesel technology that can reduce emissions. 


City Busses downtown Iowa City


Coralville Transit

University students and employees are eligible for discounted passes on Coralville Transit.  Iowa City Transit is fare free.

The U-PASS Program for student and staff bus passes has reduced miles traveled by single occupant vehicles by an average of 1.7 million miles each year since 2016.  

380 Express - Corridor Rides Logo

380 Express

The Parking and Transportation Department has partnered with the Eastern Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) to provide discounted bus passes on 380 Express.

Approximately 63% of 380Express trips are university students and employees. Since 2019, university riders have saved 813,302 miles.